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 Alexandra Caden~Finished

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PostSubject: Alexandra Caden~Finished   Sun May 11, 2014 1:50 pm

Name: Alexandra Caden
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Weapon: N/A But is looking for a gun of sorts, and will not accept anything else

Hair || Very dark black || Short in the back || Long in the front, past her chin || Straight as a ruler || Bangs in the front off to the right side
Eyes || A dark, deep, forest green || Sometimes a tint of brown appears in the center || Usually covered by red-orange glasses with a black frame
Skin || Pale || Flawless except for the various scars on her legs || Soft || She has a nose ring || Double piercings in both ears
Figure || Extremely tall, 5’9” || Slim, 130 lbs || Framed by nice muscles || Athletic || Strong
Clothes || She’s usually dressed in all black || Generally wears jeans with a belt and chains or something dangling from them || Top is usually a crop top || Complimented by either heels or combat boots to the knees

Smart || Alexia is not a fool, she knows when to stop and when her life is in danger.
Flirty || She’s very confident in herself and enjoys flirting with others, both male and female. She is straightforward, and won’t hesitate to ask someone out if she truly likes them.
Anger || She’s generally very calm, but there are a few things that can piss her off. These usually include her gun and Kishins. She doesn’t like Kishin eggs much, in fact, she hates them, and her gun is very important to her.
Easy Going || Alexia is very easy going and laid back. When she isn’t upset, she’s calm and happy
Sad || Alexia blames herself for her sister’s death. Behind her happy, confident aura, is a depressed, anguished girl who takes her grief out on herself. She has scars all over her legs. The originals were from the Kishin egg that killed her sister, but once they started to fade she renewed them herself to keep the memory alive. She doesn’t ever want to forget. This is why she doesn’t like swimming
Insecure || Despite her confidence, she’s actually very self-conscious. She loves going on dates but she doesn’t want to get close to anyone for fear of getting hurt. She won’t go past the first base, as she is scared of anyone seeing the scars on her legs
Funny || Alexia loves to make jokes and make others laugh. If someone is feeling down she’ll always try to cheer them up. She can be sarcastic at times
Languages || She is fluent in many languages including English (obviously), French, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch. She is learning Greek, Icelandic, Hindu, Swahili, Japanese, and Swedish.
Money || Money is unimportant to her, despite her having plenty of it. She measures wealth in knowledge and friendship
Sleep || She absolutely loves to sleep, and hates being woken. For the only time she can see her dear sister again is when she’s dreaming. She has nightmares nearly every night, always a replay of the events of that fateful day. She welcomes it.

Likes: Guns || Dates || Girls and boys || Dates || Eating, especially meats, burgers, usually cooked rare || Writing poems || Sleep

Dislikes: Fear || Embarrassing herself || Tripping on flat ground-which she does sometimes || Waking up in the morning || Morning people || Mornings

History: Alexia was born in the wintery month of December in the middle of a snow storm. She was born a blue baby in Colorado, but not long after that her family moved to Minnesota. Lexi’s mother worked for the Peace Corp, while her dad worked for the UN, so she grew up surrounded by different languages, as well as decent wealth.  She learned them all, well, most of them. She has a fascination with languages, and still studies them to this day, hoping to one day become fluent in all the tongues of Earth (A wild dream, she knows.)
Years after her own birth, she gained a sister. A beautiful baby who looked much like her, named Celeste, after the sun that shone when she was born. Alexia loved her sister very much, and was quite over protective of her. She rarely let Celeste leave her side, even when she was busy studying. This was partly because her parents were always off on business trips. The two were very close, and her death devastated Alexia.
Celeste was 7 when she died, Alexia, 12. Their parents were away for work, and Alexia was taking care of her dear sister. A Kishin egg burst into their mansion, hungry for souls. Lexi tried to protect Celeste, but it was too strong. It destroyed the house, slaughtering every last servant. It wasn’t long till it found Celeste and Alexia’s hiding place. It took Celeste first, much to Lexi’s dismay. She watched in horror as it tore her wonderful sister to bloody pieces. Alexia knew she had to get out of there before the same happened to her, and though it broke her heart, she tried to run, leaving Celeste’s body in the clutches of a beast.
She darted past the creature, who clawed at her in attempt to stop her. It managed to scrape her legs up pretty badly, and she fell on her way out. The beast approached the fallen girl slowly, licking its lips in anticipation. Alexia searched frantically around her for a weapon, and, luckily, found the gun her father kept. It was hanging on the wall, hidden underneath a lamp. She pulled it out, shakily trying to situate herself.
Pulling the trigger, she shot at it blindly. It wasn’t enough to stop it though, at least not at first. She was shaking too much, and couldn’t aim. Each shot zipped past it, missing it by miles. She took a deep breath to calm herself, and carefully began to shoot again. This time she hit it, and it fell. She collapsed on the floor, her legs covered in bleeding cuts. That was how her parents found her. After she recovered, her parents decided she would be better off at the DWMA.
So she began her life at the Academy. She wouldn’t let go of the gun that she used to defeat that first Kishin egg, she keeps it with her always, to remind her of the struggle. At the DWMA, as she searched for a weapon besides her gun, she also trained herself to use her own. She became quite skilled with marksmanship, and now will refuse any weapon that isn’t a gun.

Soul || Alexia’s soul is a deep forest green color, much like her eyes. A wide smile can usually be seen on it
Soul Wavelength || Alexia can shoot her Soul Wavelength-like how Black*Star does. She prefers to use this as a last-resort attack as it tires her out, and will save it for when she gets truly angry about something. When she does use it, there’s a flash of bright green light, and she hits the target with the palm of her right hand. The hit can be either in the front or the back.
Soul Percept || Alexia does have the ability to see souls

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PostSubject: Re: Alexandra Caden~Finished   Tue May 13, 2014 7:42 pm


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Alexandra Caden~Finished
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