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 Christiana Mordiv [Finished~Please Take a Look]

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PostSubject: Christiana Mordiv [Finished~Please Take a Look]   Wed Apr 23, 2014 1:11 pm

[note, changes have been made to Chrissy’s appearance. Her left eye is actually a green color, and the right is hidden by an eyepatch. The character next to Chrissy in the second picture is her deceased brother. The circle things in their center is supposed to be what their souls look like, Chrissy's is a deep red color with bat wings]
Christiana Mordiv (Chrissy)
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Weapon: Undecided
Love Interest: N/A
Appearance: Height: 5’5”
  Weight: 120 lbs.
  Hair: Blond and very long
  Eye Color: Her left eye is a deep emerald green and the other is pitch black
   Build: Athletic, thin, strong
  Tattoos/piercings: Two piercings in each ear. Four tattoos, one, a small skull, is on her right wrist. The second, a simple flower design that crawls up her left arm. The third, a bat, rests on her back. The fourth is the name of her deceased brother, on her lower back in fancy black letters. The name is crossed out with red.
  Other: Her attire consists of a black shirt with grey designs, a black collar with a red tie, a red school girl skirt, a black headband, a black arm cover on her left arm with red designs, a belt, various bracelets and necklaces, and a black glove on her right hand. She has black bat wings protruding from her back. She wears an eye patch over her right eye
Personality: Likes: Running, black, night, flying, piercings, tattoos, sarcasm, jokes, silence, open spaces, pain
  Dislikes: Daylight, crowds, loud noises, flashlights
  Fears: Fire
  Other: Chrissy is a bit of a punk, and replies to nearly everything with sarcasm. She loves to take everything as a joke, and to make darkly tasteful ones herself. She’s not very nice, and won’t care about someone unless she knows them-even then she probably won’t care much. If she sees someone dying whom she doesn’t know, she probably won’t stop to help without incentive. She has a very light attitude and will hardly ever become serious. She also has a strange fascination with pain, both to see it and to feel it. She isn’t very good at dealing with her emotions (mostly those of love) and tends to push them down, often brushing away compliments given to her, or even ignoring admirers.
History: Chrissy and her twin brother, Jackson were born to a witch. Her mother’s animal was a bat, which is why Christiana has bat wings. Jackson had bat-like ears, and the ability to use echolocation. However, Christiana has no magical abilities other than flying.

Her mother was actually a decent witch who liked the DWMA and Lord Death’s goal. She wanted her daughter to have a good life and to help rid the world of Kishins. So she enrolled Chrissy at the Academy. The girl became a rather devoted student, even wearing clothes with crosses on them, though this was also due to her style of clothing. No one but Chrissy knows her mom is a witch, and she tells everyone her father experimented on her, to explain the bat wings. She actually knows nothing about her dad.

After being enrolled in the Academy, her and her brother, who was a weapon, were partners. Jackson was a Gothic style sword that Chrissy swung with skill and precision. The two got along very well, and she loved her brother so much. One day, they went on their last mission together, after a witch. They were on their last soul, and so excited to finish their quest. But the witch proved too much for Chrissy, and Jackson ended up sacrificing himself to save her. The witch had started a horrible fire that burned Jackson, and he later died in the hospital. This hit Chrissy harder than anything had in the past, and she spent weeks locked in her home. After that she became even more devoted to the school, tattooing Lord Death's skull symbol on her wrist. She began her search for a new weapon, but was unable to find one quickly. She is terrified of fire now though, as it drudges up the horrible memories of her brothers' death.

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PostSubject: Re: Christiana Mordiv [Finished~Please Take a Look]   Sat Apr 26, 2014 4:28 pm

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Christiana Mordiv [Finished~Please Take a Look]
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