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 Stu-Pot (2D) --FINISHED--

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PostSubject: Stu-Pot (2D) --FINISHED--   Wed Jun 18, 2014 12:22 am

Name: 2D (Real name is Stuart Pot)
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Weapon: N/A
Appearance: 2D is a rather tall and skinny individual with natural azure blue hair and his eyes are pure black. His two front teeth are knocked out and he's extremely pale. His clothes style consists of different graphic t-shirts that usually have different and crazy designs on them. As well as a pair of either white sneakers or tan boots.
Personality: 2D isn't the brightest individual from the countless times he's hit his head. He usually has a headache and takes painkillers for it quite a bit. Despite him being a meister, he doesn't have a lot of experience and relies on his skill of running away or defending himself; offensive skills lacking. He enjoys playing the keyboard and will sometimes carry one with him for his own entertainment. His people skills are okay, but he would rather sit down and do something by himself.
Likes: Playing the keyboard, traveling
Dislikes: Whales, forgetting his painkillers
History: 2D was raised in Herfordshire, England where his father, David Pot, worked as a mechanic and the owner of Tusspot Fairgrounds. His mother, Rachel Pot, was a nurse and supplied 2D with headache pills. He'd hit his head from falling from a tree at the age of ten. It caused his hair to fall out. When it grew back, it was a deep azure blue.

A few years later, 2D became the star employee at Uncle Norm's Organ Emporium; soon to be the regional manager. But on a Saturday, Murdoc Niccals and his own troublesome crew ramraids the shop in a Vauxhill Astra to seize the synths and form a chart-topping band with the booty. He drives through the window and into 2D's head; fracturing his eye. Later, Murdoc and his driving skills launch 2D out the windshield and onto a curb; knocking in his other eye. His original name, Stuart Pot, was pretty much changed to 2D; standing for 2 Dents.

2D idolizes Murdoc thinking he saved his life.

Other: 2D has an amazing singing voice, but he doesn't really speak that much otherwise. When he does, he has a British accent. He says 'Somefink' instead of 'Something' and 'Fing' instead of 'Thing' and things related.

((I couldn't help but make this character. XD He's too awesome.))

Have you read the rules?
Let's-A-Go! Soul Resonance! Waaaaheeeeeee!

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PostSubject: Re: Stu-Pot (2D) --FINISHED--   Wed Jul 16, 2014 5:36 pm

Seems interesting, though he is not making a death scythe anytime soon. I would like a bit more on the personality, though. Expand it out a bit more.

And there is a small thing for his history that needs another look at, given his age.


Maybe you could describe more? Like his teen years, getting the job and how he earned the place as a regional manager. Just make it flow a bit better then it being from him being 10 to his 30's. Then, you can describe why he chose to attend the DWMA if he isn't a fighter then.
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Stu-Pot (2D) --FINISHED--
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