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 Jacklyn Seras

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PostSubject: Jacklyn Seras   Jacklyn Seras Icon_minitimeSun May 22, 2016 9:55 pm

Name: Jacklyn seras.
Age: 22.
Gender: Female.
Weapon Form: gun-sword

Weapon form:

Miester: N/A - But just for note that in the future it can only be a witch read the app to find out why.

Appearance: Tall and slim Jacklyn seras for the most part look normal while out of weapon form except for the fact her skin like that of a shadow. Beside looking as if she is an embodiment of the shadows herself she wears a purple frilly eighteenth dress that has a purple little bow. When bored she slouches over slothfully even in battle if gets boring for her. If not in battle she rest her chin on her hands making a half heart little shape to it. Eerie enough as it is she does have a mouth and grins when bored or upset also there is a difference in the two grins. If you see her smile run she going berserk and will attack any that she sees as a threat to her plans.

Face and dress:

Personality: Destructive and violent built into her core she is weird at times while fighting. She is childish by nature even as an adult she refuses to act like it. Her self esteem is low so even though she may be fun and childish she is never really happy as she is in fact always depressed. Because she is so childish she can be very playful while fighting. Though she rarely smiles yet it is creepy when she does even more so because goes berserk like while fighting. As she is seemingly feral and bloodthirsty while fighting in her partially human form against a combatant. To those that she knows well she can be friendly even if they are an enemy combatant whenever met. Frantic and manic in battle she is truly a sight to behold while she fights any combatant both friend and foe alike. Racing about in methodical yet irrational movements she can be hard to predict at times.

That is unless the combatant knows her fighting style she can be tricky to follow but she does have a pattern. She is just as seemingly unstable mentally as she is while fighting a combatant. Her mind always racing about never staying on any thought to long she loses track of things easy. Also she loses interest quickly but can gain interest just as fast as it is gone making her a bit hard to follow at times. Long since dead inside she has little emotion left but depression, rage, fear and excitement. Most the time bored she is slothful unless she is fighting or truly excited for some reason or another. Sloughing over she walk slow and talk in a monotone voice while in an instant she gets excited she perks up. While not as seemingly bloodthirsty as she is while fighting some combatant she is still very frantic and giddy.

Likes: Fighting with anyone, destroying beautiful things, playing with people and feeling utterly happy.
Dislikes: Losing in anything, seeing false emotions, lying to people, and feeling emotional pain.

History: Born about twenty years ago give or take a few Jacklyn lived in a poor family that fought and bickered a lot over petty little things. So growing up her life was not an easy one but so long as she had her siblings to help her when she needed it she was fine. She was happy for a little while as a kid always having hope even when utterly hopeless in every way possible. This made most of her sibling mad at times while one older sister loved her for it dearly her kind heart. Sadly famine hit their small farm town that deliver food to their town causing famine which killed many. Watching in agony at the age of seven as the town slowly died out one by one at first it soon become an epidemic. By the time someone came from death city to kill the kishin egg her family had been slaughter as she hid from that monstrosity.

Ever since dead inside Jacklyn has since always been childish as a way to remember her family. But she would refuse to deny what happened that day even if it haunted her forever. Leaving her house as soon as she could do so Jacklyn escaped the town before the death city meiter/weapon team arrived. As such she lived on her own for many years until she one day found a witch's hut while traveling. Growing up from an age about around ten or so Jacklyn had a decent life with the witch. Seeming feral at first from living in the wild alone and without shelter for so long she was weirder than the witch.

They both got along great as neither needed to rely on the other but wanted company all the same. The two rarely spoke at first but after time the mother witch tried to speak to the young girl. It took a while for Jacklyn to remember how to speak but when she did it was little at a time and not often. Months passed like this between the two a rift growing but the witch knew not to push her luck. So the girl after one day see a sad look on the witch’s face hugged her shocking the motherly witch. As if they had lived their whole lives together like this the two lived for years in peace. Yet at the age of fifteen the witch she had come to call a mother had been hunted by a miester to empower her weapon.

Watching in horror as her past repeated itself before her eyes once more she refused to sit by this time. Turning into her left arm into arm halfway into her weapon form Jacklyn helped attack the invading duo. Sadly even as they had won the fight her adopted mother had been gravely wounded by the attacking two. In her grief Jacklyn went mad and eat the two pure souls next to her. Soon after she went on a rampage killing all the wildlife near to her she tried finding her way home. But she lost her way in her berserk rampage that she had flown into at seeing he mother die in her arms.

Other: -Note- That unless she has a miester that is a witch the gun part of the gunblade is useless to miester also Jacklyn can only use the sword on his own. Meaning she is simple a solo dark weapon that can partly be transformed into a weapon at time being. -Note- The last two years are left blank for RP purposes meaning anything could have happen in that bit of time. So long as it checks with what others say about what happened in that time its fine by me. Just no adapted family or pairing up with my character is I ask for it will be ignored.

Sorry if the photos don't show up they where meant to but I type the app on google crome so they might not show.

Have you read the rules?
(I don't know how to handle this...)
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Jacklyn Seras
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