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 Twins Matsuda

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PostSubject: Twins Matsuda   Twins Matsuda Icon_minitimeWed Mar 09, 2016 10:44 am

Twins Matsuda Xc1SiQa
Name: Yui/Yume Matsuda
Age: 14
Gender: Girl
Weapon Form: Pistol .40
Miester: N/A
Appearance: They have pale skin and black, straight and smooth hair. One possesses long hair to her waist. Another short, just to the neck. They dress in a uniform of navy black and white, which goes to the knees. They have deep blue eyes and very long eyelashes. In addition to a thin face, small and delicate lips. When expressed, they are soft, like queens. They are thin, without much body to highlight. It has medium height, and who analyze and notes that are to low for his age, but always stand erect and use small jumps in brown school shoes.
They are calm and calculating. They talk down one with another before answering a third. Their laughter are gruesome and seem a whisper. Usually smile elegant way, to stop the mouths of the obscene gestures they see or do.
Likes: They like vice, methodical and perfectionist. Usually feel at home with these people. Also love cause addiction, let someone apprehensive or wishing.
Dislikes:noise, people who can not be controlled and troublemakers.
The twins were the daughters of a very famous Japanese gangster, however, they could not enjoy anything that Yakuza position and the money this allowed. His mother was a cold and very strict woman, the eldest son, Kazuma, was his sole heir and his only focus. The mninas were only chaperones older.
They assisted him in private school and always gave their views on possible his wives, after all, were his most intimate advisers. Even without perks, they liked the brother. He was serious and very minimalist.
It was a Sunday, off a celebration of the Yakuza, when they got into the car with him a man threatened to shoot the boy and seemed to want? Kidnaps him. Without notice, Yui turned into weapon, while Yume gave his first shot and led his brother to the car.
They never have been so popular. Her parents sent her to Shibusen in order to make them bodyguard older brother. But they decided to cut ties with family, tired of being the shadow of another, and seek in Shibusen a chance to shine with his powers.
Always together.
Other: They are never separated, they think together and love together.
Have you read the rules?
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PostSubject: Re: Twins Matsuda   Twins Matsuda Icon_minitimeFri Mar 11, 2016 12:52 am

I have a real quick, did the brother go to the academy and they went with him.or did they go by themselves?

My Characters and development

*note to le self, addth ur chars as you go, and update n stuff....

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Twins Matsuda
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