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PostSubject: Twins   Twins Icon_minitimeTue Jun 17, 2014 12:50 am

Twins Animu_10

Name: Lilith Hersh and Lucile Hersh

Age: 12

Gender: Both female.

Weapon Form:
Twins 640px-Twin_Swords_Weapon_Skin_(DW7E_DLC)
The twins transform into very similar sun and moon blades. Lily featuring a red sun design and Lucy featuring a blue moon design. They're single edged and curved blades with tassels on the handle. Each blade has a set of similar abilities that can be attained via resonance. The girls can meister for each other, but they won't be able to use any abilities, due to it being a very weak resonance.

Lily's Abilities

Sunlight Blade - Lily's blade edge glows an orange color, increasing the power behind the attack. It's her easiest skill to achieve.

Sunlight Arch - While using Sunlight Blade, an arch of the orange energy can be shot forward. It serves a similar fashion to the blade itself, cutting anything the blade normally could.

Sun Beam - An orange laser, shot from the tip while using Sunlight Blade. It's about a basketball in diameter and travels at a fast pace.

Sun's Energy (Passive): During the Sunlight Blade resonance, the meister will receive large amounts of energy to keep them from running out of stamina until resonance ends, at which point the meister will lose all the energy they should have lost during resonance.

Lucy's Abilities

Moonlight Blade - Lucy's blade edge glows a blue color, increasing the power behind the attack. It's her easiest skill to achieve.

Moonlight Arch - While using Moonlight Blade, an arch of the blue energy can be shot forward. It serves a similar fashion to the blade itself, cutting anything the blade normally could.

Moon Beam - A blue laser, shot from the tip while using Moonlight Blade. It's about a basketball in diameter and travels at a fast pace.

Moon's Reflection (Passive): During the Moonlight Blade resonance, Lucy's blade can reflect almost any kind of wavelength or energy attacks. If a laser is fired, and the meister blocks with Lucy, the laser will be shot back at it's source.

Meister: None Yet

Appearance: Lily and Lucy both have blonde hair and blue eyes. Each stands at around 4'8. They both wear a white sailor's top with blue linings and a black turtle neck undershirt. On the front of each shirt is a yellow ribbon that hangs down to their waist. They wear blue plaid mini-skirts and their socks are black with a white ring around the top. Lucy's socks come almost to where her skirt ends, while Lily's only go a little above her knees. Both wear black slip-on dress shoes. Both girls keep their hair in two ponytails with ribbon, Lucy's hair being a little longer and tied up with blue ribbon, and Lily's hair being slightly shorter and tied up with red ribbon.

Personality: Lily and Lucy are actually very different people, despite their similar looks and shared birthday.

Lily is very outgoing, wanting to talk to everybody she sees. She's hyper, she's a goof, and she's full of energy. She's constantly bouncing around and making friends wherever she goes. She enjoys being outside and getting fresh air. She'll always try to find the best in people and cheer them up when they're sad. She persistent too, not letting anything keep her from her goals. This also means that she doesn't know when to give up, however, causing her to get up and defend her beliefs, even when she can barely stand. She's a fairly easy person to get along with, so long as you're not a pervert. She has an extreme fear of fire and will actively avoid it.

Lucy, unlike her sister, is kind of timid. She's very cautious of new people and tends to let her sister do the talking. If she has something to say, she'll whisper it to Lily so Lily can say it for her. She tends to have very little self confidence, often doubting her decisions or asking Lily for a second opinion on everything. Lucy also tends to hold a grudge against the male gender in general, making it harder for her to trust a guy than a girl. In a fight, she tends to avoid risky moves, which sometimes causes hesitation and leads to painful situations. She admires her sister's courage, but thinks that she herself lacks the ability to back up that courage in the way her sister does. She has an extreme fear of fire and will actively avoid it.


Being Outside
Making New Friends
Going On Missions
Spicy Foods

Being Inside
Being Near Lily
Board Games/Video Games
Sweet Foods


When It Rains
Really Dark Places
Giving Up
Sweet Foods

Getting Lost
Really Bright Lights
Not Being Brave
Spicy Foods

History: Lily and Lucy were born to a loving family in Rhode Island. Their mother, a weapon named Diana Hersh, took care of them at home while their father, a meister named Logan Hersh, would continue to work for the DWMA. This meant that their father was usually in Death City on business. This went on until the age of around 7, when their father accidentally "brought work home with him". A fire-based Kishin Egg held a grudge on Logan, and followed him all the way home to Rhode Island. In the middle of the night, it lit the house ablaze and fled the scene. The local fire department managed to make it in time to pull the two children out of the house, but the building collapsed before they could get to Logan and Diana. The two were declared dead and the girls were traumatized, both carrying an extreme fear of fire from then on.

After that, Lily and Lucy were sent to an orphanage in the next town over where they would discover their weapon forms. When Lily decided she wanted to go to the DWMA, their caretaker had to explain that the orphanage couldn't pay for the expenses of going to the school. Lucy knew how badly her sister wanted to go, and began searching for a way to raise the money themselves. By age ten the two could use each-other to practice fighting. Lily had joined a little league softball team and Lucy had began to work in a man's garden just outside town. Every week, the man would give Lucy a little money and Lucy would stash it inside a box and tuck it in his shed. After two years if this, Lucy finally had enough money for both girls to move to Death City, get an apartment, and attend the DWMA. By now, each girl had their own fighting style and perspective on life, but they were still inseparable most of the time. Now, the two have set out for Death City and have already sent applications in to the DWMA, making them official Weapons at the school. Lily wants to find a meister right away, but Lucy thinks they work fine without one.

Each girl uses the sword differently. Lily will hold the blade upside down and use her speed to guard and get in close, then the two will try swapping places so that Lucy can land the heavier blows and stand her ground at close range. This works because while Lily is noticeably faster, Lucy is noticeably stronger.

Lily will speak in red and Lucy will speak in blue.

Have you read the rules?
Let's Go Soul Resonance!

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PostSubject: Re: Twins   Twins Icon_minitimeTue Jul 08, 2014 5:03 pm

Gonna love seeing these two in action.

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