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 Cynthia Rosette~Finished

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PostSubject: Cynthia Rosette~Finished   Tue Apr 29, 2014 12:29 pm

[bear with me, I’m trying something new with this app~]

Name: Cynthia Rosette
Age: 19
Gender: She is of the female gender
Weapon Form:

Weapon Form || Her normal weapon form is a black machine gun.
Holding || The Meister must place their hand in through a slot to reach the trigger, which is located on a gear in the center of the weapon. (Just look at the picture for reference, it’s far too difficult to describe).
Bullets || She shoots bullets from hers or her Meister’s Soul Wavelength.
Soul Resonance || Her Soul Resonance form is a larger, brown and red machine gun. It is more powerful than her normal form, shooting just one or two rounds of Soul Wavelength bullets.
Meister: Sebastian Ferbrizio
Hair || Past her knees || Blond || Generally straight ||Part of it covers her right eye
Eyes || Beautiful chocolate brown mixed with black || Long eyelashes
Skin || Pale || Flawless || Sometimes dotted with blood || No tattoos or piercings
Figure || Tall, about 5’7” || Lanky || Thin, about 119 lbs || Long legs || Slim and delicate fingers || Agile, capable of dancing and darting out of the way, dodging attacks with ease || Can run pretty fast
Clothes || White top hate with red ribbons and roses on the left side || Black undershirt with white buttons along the sides || Red handkerchief around her neck || White petticoat trimmed in red with cuffs and black frills coming out of the sleeves || Black, pleated skirt to mid-thigh || Usually 2-4 inch black heels with red ribbons || White gloves with a rose at the base of her wrist
Bloodthirsty || She has a tendency to enjoy watching others bleed, and has a strange love of blood and screams
Smiling || She rarely stops smiling, her lips always curled up in either a wicked grin or a soft, endearing smile. When she does stop it’s because something awful has happened
Word Choice || She believes herself to be above most others, often referring to them as “Little ones” “Lower beings” or sometimes even “Ants.” However, there are few that she chooses to call “My dear” “My darling or “My love”~Mostly her Meister. She may also use these phrases when speaking to him “Mon cher”  “Mon ange du Paradis” or “Mon démon de l’enfer”
Laughter || She often laughs manically at the strangest times, most tending to be when she’s having fun playing with her toys-the little ones
Danger || She loves danger, always running headfirst into dangerous situations simply for the fun of it
Sadistic || She has a sadistic attitude towards others, and loves to “play” with other people. This usually includes frustrating them with taunts and insults, dancing out of the way when they attack
Honest || She always speaks her mind, regardless for what others may think, most having to do with boredom
Boredom || When she isn’t doing something “fun”-generally torturing some poor soul-She’s bored. She gets bored easily, and will complain about it in a bored and obvious way || When she gets bored with her play toys, she will, often with a sigh, say “Bored now” and either A. leave, or B. attack
Assumptions || She often makes broad-ranged assumptions based on what she sees. These assumptions can be either correct, or completely and utterly off.
Accent || Cynthia has a very slight-almost unnoticeable-French accent. Though she is fluent in English, she does sometimes slip into her native language
Sebastian || Cynthia has become rather attached to her Meister || She doesn’t like him going anywhere without her, and when he does she gets upset with him, often becoming pouty
Sidelines || She hates being sidelined, tossed off to watch. She finds it too boring, and will always try to get in on the action. When her partner does kick her off to the side, she may get very upset and will pout, or threaten to hurt him
Board Games || Along with playing with humans, she absolutely adores board games || Particularly chess and checkers
Souls || She absolutely adores eating souls, she loves the way they go down || Although she desperately wants to try a pure soul-they just look absolutely delectable!-She has a strict policy not to, put in place by her Meister
Likes: Toying with the little ones || Blood || The color red || Her Meister || The taste of a Kishin soul || Top Hats || Roses || Guns-mostly machine guns, like herself || Smiling || Laughing || Chess
Dislikes: Being bored || The color blue-because it’s calming || The color green-because it’s so dull || Normal clothing-such as baggy pants, jeans, t-shirts etc || When she is outwitted or beaten
History: I’ll be telling my own history! And I’ll be placing in the details that Cynthia here doesn’t know. Oh psh, you’re no fun! Okay so I was born in the south of France to a pair of wealthy nobles. Cynthia, tell the truth. Okay fffine. I wasn’t born to them persay. They adopted me~and they weren’t nobles. They were, however, of the upper class. Though I was adopted, I was loved. They were fantastic parents, the best! I loved them so much. I was an only child, lonely too. Mother was always busy with painting and father was always at work. Though I knew they loved me, I rarely saw them. So I entertained myself by dressing up in mother’s clothes~It was ever so much fun!
I learned I was a weapon pretty quickly. Well, okay, I didn't necessarily know, but my parents did. Mother was a weapon and father was her Meister. They suspected that I was a weapon, and they're suspicions were confirmed when I turned into a machine gun a few weeks after my birthday. I didn't have any control over my transformations, but mother and father both helped me learn to use it.
On my 15th birthday, I was gifted with a cruise on a yacht! It was brilliant. We all went, mother, father and I. We went on the cruise through the Mediterranean Sea and out into the Atlantic Ocean. It was great, until the boat exploded.
I’ll put in here, there was a gas leak on board, and someone stupidly lit a cigar near it. This caused the flammable gas to light on fire, and an explosion went off. When the first explosion sounded through the air, I turned my arm into a machine gun as a reflex. This is the reason for why Sebastian saved her, he believed she was of use to him.
Everyone was killed, at least, I think they were. I never saw what really happened, because I was saved before I could be engulfed by the flames.
It was my lovely Sebastian who saved me~He appeared in the midst of the fire, and took me away with a snap of his fingers. I never saw my family again, I’m pretty sure they died. That day, I cried so much. So, so much. So much, that after that day, I vowed to never cry again. I promised myself that I would always smile, no matter what.
Most of my clothes had been burned in the explosion, all I had were tattered rags. So Sebastian took me home, and I took an outfit of my mom’s. The one that I always wear. But Sebastian declared that it was missing something, and he gave me my hat~He said that I should take good care of it, and so I do.

Now, Cynthia goes wherever Sebastian goes.
Soul || Her soul is a bright white color with a white top hat
Song || Cynthia can almost always be found humming-or singing-London Bridge is Falling Down. It's her favorite song
Have You Read the Rules?
“Let’s Go Soul Resonance!”
[Hmm, it would seem that this app format is far easier than what I normally do..lemme know what you think~]
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PostSubject: Re: Cynthia Rosette~Finished   Sun May 04, 2014 9:33 pm

I think it's well formated and it covers all the required fields. The app is descriptive enough and I see no major problems.


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Cynthia Rosette~Finished
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