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 Maika Trollom

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PostSubject: Maika Trollom   Wed Dec 31, 2014 2:36 pm

Name: Maika Trollom

Age: "What, no, I'm not 7, I'm 14."

Gender: girl

Weapon: N/A.

Appearance: Maika is a short girl, standing at 4 feet and 6 inches. Her right eye is the color of honey, while her left eye is bright red. However, Maika's red eye is almost always covered with an eyepatch. Maika usually has a grin on her face, eye darting as she looks for something to do. On her head is nice golden hair, going down to around her chin. With the exception of two braids, which goes down to her mid chest.

Maika wears pretty much anything she can, though she always has her jacket. Not on, but with her at least. Her jacket is a bit longer then her, and drags as she walks. It is black with gold trims on the bottom and cuffs. The cuffs also have crosses all around them. The hood is also trimmed with gold, and has a few other accessories. There are two horns on her hood, with a gold moon in between them. On both her black eye patch and coat, there is three fire balls, going in a circle.

As for pants, it will vary, depending on how Maika feels. However, she does have three favorites. For long trips, Maika will wear black pants or shorts, depending on where she is going. When in town or hanging out, Maika will wear a pair of bloomers. These Bloomers are white, with blue ribbons near the wast and on each leg.

Personality: Maika is a very cheerful person, almost always happy. Although, this is not always genuine. Maika covers up how she is feeling with cheerfulness, and doesn't show much other emotions. In and out of battle, Maika is laughing and making fun people, whether it be her opponents or allies. That being said, Maika is very stupid, and will show frustration when she is wrong or asked questions she can't answer. She will also show frustration when people comment on her small size and young age and looks.

While Maika is stupid, she is a great tactician. Maika knows and accepts her faults, while accepting her strengths. She pretends to a happy airhead who doesn't know anything, trying to get her opponents to underestimate her. When in battle, she'll usually be laughing and teasing, until she realizes that battle is serious. When Maika deems it serious, she tries to end the battle quickly.

Likes: Sweets, sour food, spicy food, food in general, any drink, video games, movies, and porn.

Dislikes: Being wrong, being short, being teased, especially for being short, and ants.

History: "I am a freak. Okay, wait.....Yeah, I am. See, it's kind of long and confusing....And long....Alright, um....How do I.....? Okay, I got it. Wait.....Yes.....No.....Yes, got it. Narrator do it."

Thank you Maika. Anyway, Maika was not only born from two interesting people, but in an interesting way. Her parents are Lyra and Hilda, with Lyra being a witch and Hilda being a meister who has made a death scythe in her days. The two where childhood friends, and at the age of 18, Lyra and Hilda knew they would be together forever. Lyra and Hilda, not wanting to be tied to any side of anything, made a mercenary group. A very successful one, actually. The two eventually married, and wanted a child. Unfortunately, they wanted one with there blood, and the two were in fact, female.

But not just any child would do, oh no. They wanted a perfect daughter. So, they made one. Hilda went to find a another witch to "seduce" while Lyra looked for a weapon. Lyra ended up finding Mr. Ozaki, the father of Saren Ozaki, a current weapon at the DWMA. And when I say seduce, I mean they just took samples of their blood to experiment with.


Right. Anyway, with these samples of and their souls, they went to work. And in a 9 months, Maika was born. The next 14 years of her life were then filled with living in a mercenary camp. She trained, played video games, and had fun with her family and fellow mercenaries. After a couple of months of being 14, Maika left, off to find recruits in Death City for her mercenary group.

"With Black Jack and Hookers!~"

Other: Soul: Maika has a rather interesting soul structure, given she has 4 blood parents. Her soul is split up in two halves, pure and witch.

Pure: Her pure soul contains anti-madness. Very minor anti-madness. Just to help her not go insane with madness. She also has soul perception. With her weapon half, though, she can only wield demon weapons that have a form of a sword. However, because of this, if she uses a sword, the sword is a lot more durable.

Witch: Maika has psychokinesis abilities. She can spit small fireballs, throw fireballs the size of a basket ball, and light herself on fire. Fire is non lethal, and can't start people on fire. Fire is just used to heat and give people minor burns. Also good for drying. When Maika lights herself on fire, she is also hurt by the fire. Can fly on a broom as well, though not very fast.

With Maika's soul, there comes one price. Maika cannot become a kishin egg. Eating a pure soul will make Maika's soul reject it, causing her immense pain.

Black blood: Maika was given blackblood at a young age, and has learned to control it.
-Fast healing: Can heal a broken arm in about 2 weeks.
-Tough layer under skin: Able to take slashes from a normal sword. Can take a few from a demon weapon. Can't take any from a Death scythe or a resonance ability.
-Can manipulate with cuts. Makes either small tendrils, one per cut. Tendrils are 6 feet long. Can make a sword with black blood.
Tendrils: 2 Tendrils max, and she can manipulate them to attack for her. Minor slashes, cuts, and stabbing. Can tie people up. Much weaker then her normal black blood, and can be cut by a demon weapon.
BB sword: Like a normal sword.
-Carries an extra vial of black blood with her for emergencies.

-Eye patch.
Her main Katana will glow orange and will feel like the flesh is burning. Will not actually burn the flesh. Carries one sword at a time, usually her main.
-Motor bike.
-Duffle bag for trips. Has lots of porn.

Speed: Maika can run one mile in around 6 minutes and 15 seconds.

Have you read the rules?
("What do you mean, I don't know how to deal with this? What does that even mean? I know how to deal with lots of things. That's just dumb, and stupid. I'mma go stare at a screen for a while.")


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PostSubject: Re: Maika Trollom   Sun Jan 04, 2015 5:08 am

J-just from my understanding, this is finished, and is open for approval. If not I'll redact this review. ^^'

Alright. The all the standard parts of this app look good, but a lot of the powers are WAY too ambiguous to be left alone. "Tough", and "Fast" are incredibly subjective, and need to be expanded on. "can get information that she needs to get" Is also a little out there. Mercenaries, are would be soldiers, no information brokers. Even if they were, they wouldn't be infallible. Finally "Makes either small tendrils, one per cut." I-I only added that because I feel that you meant to add more information, but over-looked it.

Aside from that, Maika is every bit of the hype~
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PostSubject: Re: Maika Trollom   Mon Jan 05, 2015 7:33 pm

Alright! Maika 2.0 is ready for lift off! Happy hunting!!

Approved, and moved!~
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PostSubject: Re: Maika Trollom   

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Maika Trollom
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