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 Shadow Okami

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PostSubject: Shadow Okami   Sun Jun 15, 2014 6:12 pm

Name: Shadow Okami 

Age: 19 

Gender: male 

Animal form: a huge jet black colored wolf with glowing dark yellow eyes 
Love interest/crush: 

Appearance: shadow has short, sort of messy jet black hair, slightly pale skin and dark yellow eyes,  he's quiet bulky and very strong, he has a stubly beard that's growing in ((so it's not much of a beard yet)), and he has sharp, canine like teeth. He usually wears a black t-shirt, black jeans, black boots and a black trench coat ((it's open so it exposes the shirt)), he often has out his wolf ears and tail out.

Personality: -shadow is a jerky, vulgar, wise cracking guy that won't hesitate to laugh at you. He has a very vulgar vocabulary and isn't ashamed of it, no matter who hears the words that come out of his mouth, shadow can be a jerk sometimes by either laughing at someone's failure, by telling rude jokes about you, or just plainly tells you that he honestly doesn't give a crap.about your situation. Despite this he can actually manage to make friends, he doesn't act like a complete jerk all the time, he can actually be funny and sarcastic, he does care about the people he's close to and the way he shows his love is by pranking you. He has a dark side though, he loves to eat people and enjoys their.suffering while he eats them alive.

Likes: laughing, violence, dark colors, good arguments, young children((he likes their taste the best)), wolves, hot girls, bones, eating

Dislikes: wussys, downers, bright colors, old people ((he thinks they taste gross)), annoying little bastards, goody two-shoes,

History: Shadow was born in a very big family with 12 brothers and sisters, since he was a middle child he didn't get much attention so he usually was alone, on top of that his big brothers were jerks and made fun of him, he had to change his personality to survive with his rude, vulgar siblings. One day his father was killed by a hunter and the family started to starve, the mother brought home a human body to eat, while the rest of his surviving siblings didn't want to eat it he did. Soon after that the family survived on human flesh, the ones who didn't eat died so Shadow and his mom we're left. One day his mother tried to hunt down one of the mokin family members, the mokin had no.choice but to kill her before she attacked another family member, shadow saw his mother was killed but he knew that he was too young to get revenge so he wandered around the woods sulking. One day a member of the mokin family saw him and adopted him, the ones who adopted him was tbe parents of James, raven had Damien Mokin. The family raised him like their own son but shadow still secretly hated them so one day when Shadow was old enough to fight he murdered the Mokin parents and killed several other.Mokin family members, he was furious to know that James, Raven and Damien survived. Ever since then he dedicated his life on getting revenge on the Mokins


Black claw: he can summon a layer of black bone like material on his hands that form into two giant black claws that are 4x bigger than his hands

Animal senses: he has the sensitive nose and ears of a wolf also the fantastic eye sight of a canine

Did you read the rules?: LETS GO SOUL RESONANCE!!

My Characters and development

*note to le self, addth ur chars as you go, and update n stuff....

Enter at your own risk: Seven deadly sins philosophy

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PostSubject: Re: Shadow Okami   Tue Jun 17, 2014 1:10 am


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Shadow Okami
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