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PostSubject: Okami   Sat Feb 28, 2015 1:42 pm

Name: Walter Okami
Gender: Male
Age: 432
Species: Werewolf.
Appearance: Walter usually wears a white button up dress shirt with a tie and work pants. He has a constant five a clock shadow that will regrow on the drive to work so there is no use in shaving it. His hair and eyebrows are very bushy and brown. He weighs two hundred and eighty pounds and stand five feet nine inches tall. His eyes are brown, but a brighter shade than his hair.

When in partial transformation form one his body grows brown hair all over his body. His head of hair sprouts out to be much longer and his muscles become more defined. He only grows a half inch taller but his eyes turn red. His voice goes down an octave. His five a clock shadow dramatically grows into a short thick beard.

In partial transformation two he grows four inches taller and his fingernails turn into talons. His brown body hair is half its own original shade and half the grey fur of a wolf. It covers his entire body and his muscles grow so much his shirt rips. He wears special pants so that they will only rip into shorts in this form. His eyes glow red.

In a full transformation all of his clothes have ripped off and he has grown an entire foot since partial transformation. His eyes are now yellow like the beast and his fur covered every inch of him and is entirely grey. His talons have grown into his full length and he has become the monster.

Personality: As a result of not being entirely human, he has shut off most of his contact with would be friends. He is not afraid to use force in a confrontation, which can make many of those who come into contact with him scared to cross him. He is very dedicated to his work, and will often be seen grading writing on some paper or another, and very rarely does he like to shirk work. He can be aggressive at times, especially to his foes or strangers he flat out doesn't like. But he has learned a lot in his lifetime, and he knows when he should give mercy.

Likes: Smoking, cheap beer, monsters, detective shows, swearing.

Dislikes: Hunters for sport, buddy cop shows, Silver.

History: Walter was born the son of his father, a hunter, and his mother, a werewolf. It passed on through to blood you see. But even though you think it might have gotten watered down over the generations the wolf genes would almost always triumph over the weak human ones. They both knew what he was, what he would become. They moved out of town to raise him, and he grew up at about half the rate of a human baby, because his kind where very long lived. He only remembered his father when he was at a very young age, but he could see what his mother saw in him before he died.

His mom did most of the parenting from that point. She taught him of how he was different from everyone else, and while they might call their lycanthropy a curse it was secretly a gift. She trained him in how to transform, how to creep up on prey, how to fight. When he was the human equivalent of a teenager he practiced on bears in the wilderness. He enjoyed whenever it was time to go out and let out their wild side, the beast constantly gnawed at the edges of his mind to be released.

When he was a teenager, (I.E. like twenty eight) he was enrolled in the death weapon and Meister academy. His mother did not want his power to go to waste and she went and lived in Death city with him for eight years until he graduated. Due to his special case as a student being a monster, he had many talks with his teacher many times in private. About him, about his future, about his gift. He always called it a gift, never a disease, or a curse. But that is just what it was, a disease for men to have.

For he knew that one day his cells would eventually stop working all together, it would be a slow change. At first, then his body would realise it and try to correct the mistake. Which would only make it more and more worse until he drops dead, his pain tolerance not letting him know his body was just an immune battleground.

After he graduated with his weapon partner who was at the time a death scythe (but is now long dead). He left the academy to broaden his horizons and learn many new things. He started going to all kinds of other schools, he became proficient in a few languages, some sciences and history. Boy did he live through a lot of history. He was there reading headlines on the Boston tea party and he fought in three wars. The american revolution, the civil war, and he was drafted into world war one but did not see much combat.

He went through a variety of names and fake backgrounds, he constantly attended new courses every fifty years to catch up and when colleges sprung up he got his major in world history, then he got it again, and again, and again. He thought it was important to know the past, so that you could never repeat the great mistakes. He would go into the woods for a month every two years to get all of his primal urges out.

It was on one of these expeditions that he drew the unwanted attention of a band of monster hunters. In history two things had always brought his kind down, one was possys/mobs of men with fire and weapons. The other was silver bullets, and they were in no short supply. He fled through the country, always being one step ahead of them.

Eventually he was sick of running, he needed a safe haven. He traveled many miles through the desert before he came upon Death city, which had been his home for a very short part of his life. He rented a room in a hotel and looked for work, he looked fondly on the Academy from outside his window. It had been the best school he had ever gone too. When he was searching for a job and found a want add for a history teacher for their advanced placement class, he did not care that it said you had to be a graduate, because he was. He did not care about having to have knowledge of not only the subject but also the almost certain possibility of having to teach battle or join a fight himself.

He shaved almost his entire body, even if it would not last long once he was inside, he put on his best suit and went to go meet his new boss. Someone who he had dodged over the years, like when he turned eighty, or when he got shot in the war a few times, or when he got hit by a car and was intoxicated enough to absolutely have been declared dead. He brought his college degree, the most recent one and his withered old yellow certificate of graduation that was almost as old as he was.



Regeneration: Okami can regenerate much faster than a normal human, the rates are vary consistent among all of his forms.  His healing factor ability can generally by typed into the Advanced section of regenerative healing here: http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Regenerative_Healing_Factor
His is a tame version of someone who could fit into the advanced section. Minor wounds such as cuts and small bruises will nit up in the shorter half of a minute, and more severe moderate wounds such as gashes and blunt trauma will heal or start to heal in the shorter half of an hour. He can recover from blood loss approaching the level that would kill a normal human. Without passing out, and can exceed this level somewhat if he does pass out. If he looses a finger he can grow it back in a few days but if he looses an arm he will be out for a few months before it will be back. If his limb is shredded it can lead to lasting damage that can not be effected by the healing factor. He is mostly scarless and a brain injury it human form is not necessarily the end as long as he can either transform into another form or get it removed via surgery. The only thing that could permanently damage him is a silver weapon, which cuts can cause scarring and slow his healing factor. He is almost immune to all diseases but his massive number of allergy's make up for this. Weaker drugs such as ibuprofen or cold and flue medication have no effect on him, and stronger medications such as morphine or Vicodin ware of significantly faster than what would normally be prescribed for someone of his B.M.I.

Okami has four different forms.

Human form: Walter is a boring old human in this form, besides heightened night vision, and sense of smell he could be mistaken for any other squishy man. But he does have an ability to regenerate and his body can take large amounts of punishment. He heals so fast that if he cuts his lip while shaving it isn't worth putting a band aid on it because it will heal before he could dig one up. He can heal fractured bones in less than a week. Due to his experience as a meister he can bench press three hundred and fifty pounds. He is very muscular but cannot run as fast as others due to his bulk. He can run a mile in six minutes and twenty five seconds.

Partial transformation 1: This is considered the safe way for Walter to fight, there is a bit more man than beast but his control is still in the green zone. He becomes faster, stronger, and more aggressive. He can leap up to nine feet into the air and still walks on two feet. His strength lets him overpower most people who have not trained, bench press four hundred pounds unsupported, and throw a man across a room without much trouble. His speed is increased to where he can pounce on his prey. He also gains some increased strength, letting his max bench rise by about thirty pounds.

Partial transformation 2: There is now more beast than man. He becomes even more aggressive than in his last and he threatens to loose control. His pain tolerance shoots up. He can leap building to building and his strength has increased by about sixty pounds since he was human. By going on all fours he can run faster than he could on foot. But with all of this power his weakness to silver is tripled, increasing it's blood toxicity and how poisonous it is to him. If his is shot with a silver bullet now he will likely live if he can escape.

Full transformation: The kiddie gloves are off now! By this point Walter has lost all of his control and is filled with a primal instinct. He keeps all wounds gained by his previous forms with one exception. Changing forces his bones to change even if he is not injured so any fractured bones will snap into place and flash heal. His strength improves to the point where he can Bench press four hundred and forty pounds and his speed on all fours can let him run at just about thirty miles per hour. But he tires fast from this and cannot keep it up for long. His silver weakness is tripled yet again, a single silver bullet stops his healing fast and can be critically life threatening if he does not remove it or find help immediately. Fire is also a new weakness, he becomes very flammable and susceptible to it. He will likely recoil if he sees someone with a torch up close.

Insurance policy: This is how Okami transforms. If he gets made enough he can turn into form one, the average heated conversation would not be enough to set this off but if you started yelling and throwing chair around then that could do it. To get him into form two you would have to kill someone important to him when he is in form one or threaten his life. To get him into form three you would need to rock his entire world.

He can shift by willpower into these transformations one after the other, but it takes a few seconds of intense focus. The concentration time doubled form to from, and starts out at about five seconds to transform into his first wolf form.

His final way of changing is what makes him most difficult to kill. If he dies in human from but his body could survive in wolf form, (I.E. he gets shot in the heart by a normal bullet or even in the head. BUT NOT if his head gets completely shredded or if he gets cut in half.) then he will jump into partial transformation two after a few seconds of death. This form cannot advance to the next after death, but rather if he is heavily injured then he will advance regardless if he wants to or not. (Same head shredding rules apply) If he dies in his final form, it is all over. He cannot transform if shot by a silver bullet, but in human form it is only a bit worse than a regular bullet as long as he did not get the injury while in another form and change back into a human. He is most used to fighting in this form and his reaction time improves during it.

Other: He can smell souls and identify what kind they are and his illness gives him a very strange set of allergy's, so varying and numerous they cannot be listed here. While non are life threatening, he is often going around sneezing all over the place. Due to being part wolf, he is a carnivore and his body can no longer process fruits or vegetables, but it can do candy just fine.

Chocolate can kill him because he is part dog.

He has excellent night vision no mater what form he is in.

His curse can be passed on to someone via genetics (being his child) or drinking his blood/having his blood injected into you in a quantity of two pints if they are a healthy human adult. Even if you are not the same blood type that is the least of your problems, your regeneration will start healing that up immediately and you will feel surges of pain all over your body as is launches a full scale immune response against itself. Half of it will be repairing any damage due to a pre-existing injury or aging or other diseases, and the other half will be attacking the half that is doing that. Within the hour the transformation will be complete and they will be a werewolf. Capable of transforming into their other forms but having little control over it. If the person has black blood or is already ware something the immune response can very well be lethal. Any such ability will be lost if they survive, and a witch will not be able to become their animal form ever again. But they will retain their magic.
Have you read the rules?
I can't handle this...

Margret Moonlight: 23 souls.
Elliot Hartly: 20 souls.
Walter Okami: Warewolf.

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PostSubject: Re: Okami   Sat Feb 28, 2015 6:45 pm

Alrighty then! To start off, history. I don't think that we allow the creation of Teachers, and will not until the first Death Scythe is made(though I may be mistaken). Secondly, you may not place cannon characters in your history with the exception of allusions to Lord Death that I've seen make it by.

Second, you may want to look into the appearance. 280lbs at 5'9" is absolutely monstrous. Though, that may have been what you're aiming for, so this isn't entirely necessary.

Finally, this characters abilities are incredibly OP both alone, and especially through combination. NO character should be able to lift two tons. Characters that can even get into that spectrum have MASSIVE cons to the ability, and limits as far as fatigue, and actual damage to their own body. The same goes for the speed, and especially the regeneration factor(which is barely defined in any way shape or form). Further, his ability to jump into transformations to avoid fatal blows is an incredible disadvantage for other OC's. To top it all off, he has the bullet-time kind of ability. Strength, speed, reflexes, regeneration. Any of these abilities as defined are strong enough to be an OC's calling card, even IF they had a drawback. All of these need to be incredibly toned down.
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PostSubject: Re: Okami   Sat Feb 28, 2015 11:47 pm

Okay, then! It looks like the history has been well sorted!

Alright then! The powers are a little easier to look at, as they are defined, and he can't juggle dumpsters. The fact remains, that with no drawbacks, or limits, his powers are pretty OP. I have a character with similar strength and speed, and at full capacity her powers last 4 posts, and tear apart her muscle tissue. There NEEDS to be a drawback, or significantly reduced levels of power.
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PostSubject: Re: Okami   Sun Mar 01, 2015 1:01 am

This looks much better! Alright then! Prof W away!!

"Approved, and moved.~
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PostSubject: Re: Okami   

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