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 Ghost Hallow. The second Holy Sword?

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PostSubject: Ghost Hallow. The second Holy Sword?   Fri May 30, 2014 1:59 am

Name: Ghost, Hallow.
Age: 15
Gender: boy
Weapon Form: That thing

Miester: Evan


He has white hair, blue eyes, is about 5'4'' feet tall, and has a good amount of muscle. He wears black plants, gloves, and shoes with purple on the bottoms. He also has a piercing and a black hoodie with a pink cross on it, the side bar circles around while the verticle line stays on the front.


caring: he cares for his friends

Loyal: He is very Loyal, willing to die for a friend, and for even the newest member of the guild that he hardly knows.

Over protective: He is over protective of people younger than him.

Energetic: has lots of energy.


Street side: do to wear he is raised, he's developped a gangster-ish persona which he hardly ever has now.

Likes: The DWMA, friends, working, MEAT, SWEETS
Dislikes: spicey stuff, bitter stuff, being bored, and bullies.

History: Ghost was born in raised in west Philidalphia. He spent most of his days playing and having fun, though he did have a crap ton of fights. He, before moving to Death City, was often jumped and lived in the getoh. He was exposed to much crime, which he can now easily ignore do to an event. One night, he was with his mom dad, brothers, and sister. Suddenly a car drove by, killing them, some other people, and hurting Ghost. Ghost, in an act of rage, shot ice spikes into them, watching each die and one run in fear. When he came to, he cried for 3 days straight. After a few days, his aunt and uncle sent him to the DWMA to learn to control his powers and hopefully have a better life. While it took him a while, he changed his persona, and started a new life. He is currently living on the streets of Death City, enjoying life.

Ice powers
Soul resonance 1: blade becomes sorta like Witch hunter, and grows to be like 13 feet tall, and can be swung for one powerful strike. This results in either freezing them alive or cutting them clean in half.
The blade changes appearance the more souls he has.

Have you read the rules?
Let's go, soul resonance!
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PostSubject: Re: Ghost Hallow. The second Holy Sword?   Fri May 30, 2014 4:21 pm

Let me just say that while a resonance may be able to cut SOME foes clean in half, it won't work with others until a higher form is achieved. People like Crona, Asura, Mosquito, et cetera.

On those grounds, approved.
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Ghost Hallow. The second Holy Sword?
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