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 Arone Inertia.

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PostSubject: Arone Inertia.    Tue May 20, 2014 6:06 pm

Name: Arone Inertia.
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Weapon: Listed in Gadgets Beloooooow.
Appearance: Arone is the size 6'2 he is very pale when is come to normal people. He has thin brows and sleek, blond hair. He wears steel colored chrome goggles like so: ( https://img1.etsystatic.com/000/0/5871904/il_570xN.226502183.jpg ) He also has a white lab coat that sorta looks like a large trench coat. It is always buttoned up but when it is not he normally wears a green undershirt. His pants are flame retardent and black, his boxer briefs (cause we need to know) are white with rubber ducks on them and his name on them. He wears black rubber boots that are acid proof along with water proof, he normally wears black white socks. He has black rubber gloves as well that have grey fingers to them. His eyes are both a glowing deep purple that shine when it is dark, he wears braces on his teeth though he found a way to make them not even appear to be there. He normally has a large jet pack looking thing on hsi back (will be explained in gadgets) that have four glowing orange holes on the back of it. Useally in his pocket is a storage box that holds all of his inventions in a tight tight box. Also the goggles work as glasses too.

Personality: Arone is a smart, kind guy, he likes to help out when others arein trouble he never really was a killer he jsut had major anger issues. He is always a very curipus fellow he will do tests on anything that intrest him from humans to dogs. He only actually kills for fun or souls when he can't hold back the blood lust anymore, other than that he likes to help other harness their abilities. He is very neutral when it coems to chooseing a side he jsut likes to observe and study. He in a view is a very lovable, sweet guy that ypu can trust with your life and know that it is in good hands. To others he is a cruel hearted bastard that should be killed in a instant or made to suffer for all the pain he put the innocents through. He has a habit to eavesdrop on people and absolutely loves to know what other people know, he is a complete game freak often not even killing people if they have a game he wants to play and they allow him to play it. He loves math and science those being his two favorite subjects, he know alot of neat tricks like makeing a flash bang out of simple hosue hold items.

Video Games
Mythical creatures
Blood (occasionally)
Fine Wine

Beign wrong
Mean people
Annoying people
Girls (They are the only things that confuse me, though i feel attraction to them)
Killers that kill for fun
Popping noises
Being stared at
Hard Candy
The color pink

Arone was a troubled chi;d his parents had left him when he was young, and worst of all he was left with his abusive aunt. She never cared for him hardly fed him and always hit him, he felt horrible like a piece of trash that could be thrown away eaisily so he let people treat him that way. Arone was a smart kid a major nerd as kids put it, he got amazeing grades in all of his classes and people got so angry at him for being foor at stuff that they started bullying him in school,. he never really cared at all this was all the least of his worries but it still hurt him in the heart but he allowed them to treat him that way, he was used to it. So a constant pattern went on, he went home and was abused went to scyhool and was bullied. One time the kdis went so far as to (as he was walkign home) throw a bucket of pigs blood directly onto him. He of course threw up and went home where his aunt, instead of helping, sent him to his room foor beign a wimp where he was stuck with the stench of pigs blood all day. Then one day they went to far, as he was walking home they ambushed him and started beating on him, he didn't know what to do. He saw a 2x4 close bye, he picked it up and began to swing wildly and rapidly, unknowingly he would kill one of those that ambushed him and the others would run. (this was high school years) He jsut stood there stareing at the body of some he killed, he was shocked he then threw up at the thought of what he just did. He then saw it, a blue glowing orb right in front of him. He doesn't know why but it seemed to call to him, it seemed to whisper to him of power and no more people being so mean to him. He would be able to defend himself and make them fear him. He of course ate it wanting to not to be what he was now, a weak nerd now he would be a powerful nerd.

The first thing he did witgh this power was take a visit to hsi dear ole aunt, he killed her by  cracking her skull open with a hammer. He ate her soul in a rush of bloodlust and rage, he then crashed the house and burned the house down. He then went out into the open world hsi past supposedly left behind, he later found a factory where he later set up his base. He began working on gadgets that he had plans for, he felt smarter too for some reason. He made a jet pack, a sryinge gun and all other stuff. He then at the age of 17 decided to move to a different high school where he finished highschool and went to college where he studied to become a doctor though he always got too involved into the cutting up the bodies but still he got his degree and didn't use degree to become a doctor he used it to trick people into thinking he would help them if they are hurt then he would test on them and use his knowledge to find things in the body that will maybe help his study of them. He mostly goes for weapons and other kishins but he also had a lust to kill humans jsut cause, he soon grew back to his normal self at 22 and he decided to help other people by trying to helop them with their abilities but he sometimes can't help hismelf and goes back to killing but this happens less. He will actually heal those who need it now with either old fashion works or with some of his gadgets.

AbilitiesDescription# of souls needed
Devine knowledgewith this he can make even better gadgets, he can make robots and even with a lot of work and effort make a frankenstein like being. He can also enhance the ability of others by putting them through tests that he knows will work on a certian skill but it takes a while10
Inhanced ReflexesHe is now able to react faster to anyh oncomeing attacks that are aimed for him but he will not be able to fair against multiple attacks from all directions if so he will have to use one of his many gadgets for that.20
SoundwaveHe is able to scream, yes scream but his scream is enhanced so well to that he can make people almost fly away from the sheer force of the blast. This is msotly to get people away from him.30
X-rayHe is able to see the skeletal system of a human, kishin, witch, weapon and ect no matter how deformed or weird they are. This allows him to see what enables them to do what they do and also allows him to see all the vital bones in a intant40
TelekinesisHis brain is so enhanced that he can now move objects with out even touching them and move them where ever he wants though heavier objects involve more mental focus and also more mental pwoer.50
RageWith this he goes into a sort of rage mode where his strength and speed are enhanced and he can now punc hthrough solid brick walls with ease and out run a olympic sprinter with ease.60

(Added this on my own)Gadgets:

GadgetsFunction# of said gadget
Jet packThis only has three bursts and only allows him to move around to higher areas1
Sryinge gunThis shoots numbing darts at the targets which of coruse numb what ever part the dart hits it numbs said area. He is able to rapid fire this and he always has a few strips of ammo on him at all times. 1
Mechanical armsThese are atatched to the back of his jet pack where the orange dots are, they can coem out whenever he wants them to come out or jsut at the right moment. They sort of look like doctor octopus's mechanical arms, there is four of them.4
Infinity boxThis is a small compact cupe that holds msot of his gadgets except for his jet pack, the isntant he wants something the box will open and allow him to grab said item. It can hold anything and way like nothing somehow.1
Sphere bombsThese are small compact bombs that can roll and with attach to any magnetic surface if the option is turned on. They are about the size of eyeballs and are metallic silver in color. Explosive power= gernade30
Chainsaw swordThis is jsut what the name says, a chainsaw that looks like a sword and is jsut as light as a sword, it works like a normal chainsaw though and can be swugn pretty eaisly.1

Other: He has heart disease and must eat some pills he made to stay alive cause it's really bad.
Have you read the rules?
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PostSubject: Re: Arone Inertia.    Sat May 31, 2014 10:52 pm

Looks good. Approved

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Arone Inertia.
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