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 Rya Inertia (Major Wip)

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PostSubject: Rya Inertia (Major Wip)   Rya Inertia (Major Wip) Icon_minitimeSun May 25, 2014 12:50 am

Rya Inertia (Major Wip) 36410490+Tokisaki+Kurumi+Kawaiii+Gothic+Render

Rya Inertia (Major Wip) Kurumi_tokisaki_render_by_neko_monstah_by_xchibi_chanxx-d62wsuq

Rya Inertia (Major Wip) Kurumi_tokisaki__date_a_live__by_noirtsukaze-d6nm90o

Name: Rya, Inertia.
Age: 18
Gender: Girl
Weapon Form: Rya turns into a predator gauntlet, the picture explains what it looks like. It can also shoot arrows out from between the two blades at target and can explode if wanted to. The gauntlet also has a laser sight option on it.
Rya Inertia (Major Wip) Ghoul_Armor_Blade_Gauntlet_by_MichaelLoh

Other weapon form: In this form Rya takes the form of a whip. this whip can send electrical currents down it and shcok targets whn they are hit. The whip can also extend and wrap around targets pulling them closer, the whip when not charged with electricity stings like a mother fucker when someone is hit with it.
Rya Inertia (Major Wip) Shock_whip

Miester: N/A

Appearance: Rya is unique to herself The dress she wears is made out of crimson and black frills, giving her the appearance of an elegant Gothic lolita with uneven twintails. On her head she usually wears a big crimson net bow, holding her hair. She also wears a crimson and black collar on her neck and wears a pair of black pantyhose.  Her right eye is red tinted while her left eye appears as a gold, inorganic clock face. The clock's hands, moving in a counter-clockwise direction. Occasionally she wears aschool girl outfit.

Personality: Rya is on the outside a innocent girl that likes to mess aroudn with people and have tons of fun, she will skip happily and laugh with joy at jokes. She likes everything and everyone on the outside but on the inside she dislikes pretty much everyone. She is a great actor and can fool alot of people with her acts, if you get on her nerves enough she will kill you without second thought. She has a love for burning things and also makeing people fear her with a passion or hate her but this is for people she hates. She useally wears a poker face kind of look on her face, but she also normally has a smirk or a insane smile on her face if she is about to kill you, she rarely goes deep into insanity though. She can act sexual and flirt when she wants to lure someone into a false since of security she will also do this for people she likes obviously. She never bothers with helping anyone unless she fills she will get something in return. when looking innocent she will act insecure and childish even. Rya is very adventurous and likes to have fun whenever it is in her best intrest too, she can be a normal. She also love for sweet things but she will also settel for sour things as long as it taste like green apples. Rya likes to follow people she likes around and will never let them out of her sight unless she doesn't really care wether they leave or not. Rya is not a tactician like her brother, she is more of a go ahead and fight your heart out till you can't fight anymore. She has some experience in fighting along with building things like rope, ladders and fires. She can also fix alot of things if she puts her mind to it which is whenevershe really wants to get it done. Rya can be very kind and a good companion to ahve around she will try to help the best she can but if you happen to tick her off she will not hesitate to hurt you.
Fooling people
Getting what she wants
Mature people
People who can make good comebacks

People who don't get a joke
Shy guys (they annoy her)
Blinking lights
People who think they are better than her.
Being proven wrong
Sudden flashes of light

History: what shaped your character’s life?
Other: She useally carries around two flintlock guns
Have you read the rules?
Lets go soul resonance!
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Rya Inertia (Major Wip)
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