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 Adina, Key

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PostSubject: Adina, Key   Adina, Key Icon_minitimeSat Apr 26, 2014 7:26 pm

Name: Key Adina

Gender: Female

Age: 31

Meister: Cerulia

Weapon Form: Steel wings. In her weapon form Key transforms into a set of wings made of a very lightweight but strong steel. The feathers on the wings are razor sharp and can be fired as projectiles. Only one feather can be fired at a time and the range is limited, but the fire-rate is very fast and the aim is very accurate.
Also the wings can be planted into the ground with the tips pointed in front of the meister to create something like a stationary turret. This greatly improves fire rate and power, but limits movement.
The wings can be used to fly if the meister is small and light. A full grown man would be too heavy for sustained flight, but he could use them to jump higher/further, and to glide.
The wings can also be used as a melee weapon and for defense, but they work best when used for ranged fighting.
The wings have a wingspan of 18 feet.
For melee purposes, the left wing can detach and be used as a shield, and one of the large feathers from the right wing can be used as a short sword. This is not as effective as the ranged attacks however as having one wing attached to the meisters back can throw off their balance.
Love Interest:

Appearance: Key has long white hair and silky ivory skin. She is about 5' 8" tall and has a curvy figure. Her eyes are icy blue and usually appear cold and emotionless. She walks upright and with a bold stride at all times. Some people find her intimidating due to the stern expression she often has on her face. She is not conceited or stuck-up, but people think she is based on her posture and facial expressions.
She wears a variety of different dresses but they are all white and typically short and backless. She has two white wing tattoos covering her entire back. Key can not stand the feeling of shoes on her feet, therefore she does not ever wear them. She keeps her toenails and fingernails professionally done at all times.

Personality: Key is usually cold and detached. She rarely opens up to people. She tends to give short curt answers and will sometimes ignore people completely. Her ice-queen type attitude keeps people at a distance but is easily melted by children. The only time anyone is likely to see her soften up at all is when she is speaking to a child, or a particularly innocent girl. Around children, Key is a complete softy. Even small innocent looking women who are not actually children can easily get their way with Key, it is her Achilles heel.

History: Key was raised by good kind parents. She had a relatively happy childhood and grew to be a responsible and mature adult. She married at a young age to a very good man and they had two beautiful daughters. Everything seemed to be going great in her life until one day when her husband took the girls out for a walk. He was attacked and killed and the girls were taken. She never found out who did it and after so many years she believes that her daughters were killed as well. This tragedy made Key very hard-hearted and angry. Having no one to blame for the terrible crime, Key directs most of her anger toward kishin eggs or anyone else trying to commit evil acts in Death city.
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PostSubject: Re: Adina, Key   Adina, Key Icon_minitimeMon Apr 28, 2014 7:16 pm

The big issue here is the weapon form. Firstly, nothing can detach from the whole without being connected in some way. Like a chain connecting them.\

Also, me and the admin suggest taking some of that out and add it later, when you get more souls and such. We also need a better explanation of how they look, how they function, etc.
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Adina, Key
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