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PostSubject: Alycia   Tue Apr 21, 2015 2:32 pm

Name: Alycia Venerai
Age: 23
Gender: Quite obviously female, but has the extravagant plumage of a male while in animal form
Animal Form: Raggiana Bird-of-Paradise
Weapon: N/A, but is easy to resonate with
Appearance: Alycia is nothing short of extravagant on all levels. She will never be seen in heels shorter than four inches, up to as high as ten. Most of her outfits are brightly coloured or intricately patterned, others are simple with seductive colours and all of them are varying levels of revealing.
She has an almost perfect model figure, tall and slender with flawless skin, only marred by the size of her chest. Easily her most prominent feature when you glance over, her bust is far larger then average, easily well over an E cup. Alycia uses this to her advantage, often revealing part or most of her bust to attract male customers to her store. After all, 'sex' really does sell well.
Personality: Alycia is no less extravagant in personality then she is in her clothing. Bright and bubbly, she is definitely an extrovert. Nothing stops her from being open and honest with everyone she meets. Not easily angered, she is fiercely loyal and can be very malicious if someone harms her close friends, to the point of collapsing entire cities around her for revenge.
She can be considered rather lewd, but looks down upon such things when the situation requires for a serious attitude, or even the slightest bit of decency. There is nothing she loves more than teasing friends and strangers alike with her 'situational' lewdness, and to make them stutter or blush, or both.
Likes: making people blush, most fetishes, sweets and birds.
Dislikes: fighting (unless it's over her, but even that has it's limits), bland things, unnecessary evils.
History: Alycia's past is relatively uninteresting. She was raised at home by her parents and some staff, housemaids and chefs mostly. She never went to school, instead she was taught by private tutors. She inherited her father's animal form and her mother's magic, despite the latter being near virtually useless. At the age of 16 she left home to search for a different style of life, eventually ending up in Death city a year later. It was there that she met her current best friend Causper, while she was being pursued by a group that was heavily against witches being allowed into normal society. After that, she remained in the city as a business woman, and opening her ice cream parlour. During the time between present day and the day she left her family, much changed. Her mother became a criminal and is hiding away with other witch friends, continuing to kill and steal and destroy. If asked, she will deny that the two are even remotely related and claim that she had adopted her as a young child. She now has two brothers, one born years before she left and the other born in the years after to a different father. Her father still lives, and will not be killed soon despite many people trying.
DistortThe spell causes the shape and size of a room to distort and change, either growing bigger or smaller or creating new rooms within them. This also works to add in or remove rooms, provided that nothing is inside of them. The spell can only add in up to ten feet in all directions, however there are no limits on how small it can be shrunk.mantra
ManipulationThe spell manipulates building materials and entire buildings, if Alycia knows the general floor plan. It can create holes and ruptures in the flooring, walls or ceilings, or control the materials to build something entirely new, easily turning a pile of timber into a basic shack, or stone bricks into a house. mantra
IllusionThe spell places a semi permanent illusion on what ever it has been cast on, having no effect on shape or dimension, but instead changing the colour and visible texture. mantra
Other: Alycia owns a popular ice cream store in Death City
Have you read the rules?
"I don't know how to deal with this"
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PostSubject: Re: Alycia   Fri May 15, 2015 5:38 pm

Alright, Alycia is approved.

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