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 Eileen Crow

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PostSubject: Eileen Crow   Tue Mar 31, 2015 10:59 pm

Name: Eileen Crow
Gender: Female
Age: She appears to be 21, but her age closers to 30 or older
Species: vampire
Appearance: Eileen Wears much old fashioned styled clothing, usually tattered and worn. He most noticeable piece of attire is her cape and hood. Her hood and the part of the cape that covers her shoulders is a rough worn black leather, the rest of the cape is made of crows feathers. Underneath her cape is her worn leather greatcoat. Finishing up her a is a tattered black jeans and a pair of leather riders boots.

Underneath the hood is the face many don't see nor would expect. Is the Face of a very young girl, with long jet black hair and crystal blue eyes. Her skin is as pale as snow, like she's never seen the sun before. She has a very soft spoken voice.
Personality: Though Eileen may look like it she is no child. She is a highly intelligent and capable young woman. She does not fully understand the world, and has no intentions to learn of it. Eileen is very spoken not afraid to voice her intentions or opinions. She is rather blunt and honest which makes her in some cases look to be cold and heartless. She rarely opens up to others, preferring to work alone, but knows when extra hands are needed for a job.

Eileen rarely shows a more softer side, but there have been occasions where she gives of a more motherly presence to herself. She is more caring, and will lie to protect others. These is seen mostly when Eileen is dealing with children.

Likes: Cheese cake
the night time
Dislikes: her curse
other vampires
History: What shaped your character’s life?
Powers: Abilities your monster is born with. Monster's DO NOT gain power at all. What you put here is what you're stuck with. Please make the powers balanced and not too OP.
Other: Miscellaneous facts that don't fit in other categories.
Have you read the rules?
(put answer here)
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Eileen Crow
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