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 Crystal River Academy of the Elements

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PostSubject: Crystal River Academy of the Elements   Crystal River Academy of the Elements Icon_minitimeSat Oct 11, 2014 4:36 pm

Hello there fellow roleplayers. Soul Starman here, trying to promote my roleplay group on Facebook.

Hello and welcome to the Crystal River Academy of the Elements. On behalf of the entire school, we would like to say "Thank you for enrolling." You are here because you control one of the 5 natural elements. That's right, you can either control Fire, Water, Earth, Air, or Thunder.

Crystal River Academy of the Elements Crysta10

Students are assigned dormitories in areas determined by their element

Fire: The Fire Dorms are located in the eastern corridors deep beneath the school. The temperature here is warm and comfortable. Fire students are happy here. Rooms are fireproof so students can practice their element. Descend three flights of stairs from the eastern stairwell near the auditorium.

Water: The water dorms are hidden in the depths of the Crystal River Academy Lake. Water students enjoy a cooler temperature than the surface and a view of the lake fish. Access to the water dorms is down the staircase at the academy boat house.

Earth: Beneath the western school dungeons sits the earth dorms. The environment hear is cool and comfortable. Rooms retain their shapes and will not collapse in the event of an accident. Earth students have access to the river and the lake through hidden passages, as well as the school itself. To access these dorms, take the spiral staircase in the western tower down to the corridor, entrance is on the right.

Air: High in the West Tower is the Air Dorms. Here, air students enjoy spectacular views of the academy campus and surrounding forest. Air students have access to a railed balcony to practice with their element. Accessing the Air dorms is easy. Climb the western stairs to the top, entrance should be right in front of you.

Thunder: At the top of the east tower is the thunder dorms, these students get the same views as the air students. But thunder students have access to an enclosed room where they can watch thunderstorms and practice their element. Climb the east stairs to the top landing to access, entrance will be right above your head.


Alex Clelland (Meister)
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Crystal River Academy of the Elements
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