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 Shizuka Adachi

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PostSubject: Shizuka Adachi   Fri Sep 19, 2014 10:28 pm

(Picture credit goes to me and my crappy arting! Huzzar! Also, idk why it's sideways, so... ._.)

Name: Shizuka Adachi

Age: 15 (Starting in her first thread)

Gender: Female

Weapon: None yet.

Appearance: Shizuka stands at about 5'2, and weighs around 110 lbs. Her hair is long, about thigh length, and dyed an unnatural jet black. On some days you can almost see her roots coming in blonde, showing her actual hair color, though this is rare. She keeps her hair in one long braided ponytail, with only her bangs down to cover her right eye. Her eyes are a crystal blue, and occasionally have darkened bags under them from fatigue, usually stemming from training to exhaustion. Her skin is rather fair and her light build paired with her somewhat long legs hint that she may be naturally fast.

Her usual attire consists of a black jean jacket with no sleeves, which has an upturned blue collar as well as blue lining-flaps where the zippers should be and a slight blue trim around the bottom. The jacket only goes to a bit below her bottom rib, and has an open front. Underneath she wears a basic blue tee with grey sleeves, which is a bit tight, and also stops at her bottom rib. Her stomach area is almost always exposed, unless in winter conditions. Her bottoms are a pair of somewhat tight, but not restricting, black jeans that hang around her waist by a white belt. She wears black sneakers with white toes, and a pair of fingerless black gloves with square holes on the back of her hands. These gloves help her grip surfaces. On the right side of her jacket she's pinned a Shinigami skull, to denote her alliance to the DWMA.

In colder climates, she wears a black-wool jacket that covers her arms and stomach-area, and zips in the front. Around her neck is a long blue scarf, which also covers up to her nose. She also wears black combat boots with three straps on each in place of laces. Her fingerless gloves are swapped for gloves that cover her entire hand, but they still help grip things.


Likes: what does he/she like?

Dislikes: what does he/she dislike?

History: Before we learn about Shizuka's life, we need to take a step back and hear a bit about the Adachi family. The Adachi family is a long line of meisters that have served the DWMA for quite a few generations. Each child is trained, from birth to age 15, in the abilities that the family has adapted over the years. At age 15 (a day before their birthday) they are transferred to the academy, where they are expected to be a model student to the day they graduate. On graduation day they may choose return home to japan or (if the school allows it) become a teacher at the academy. Either way, they continue to hunt kishin eggs until they are no longer able to. The family bears extreme prejudice against kishin eggs, monsters, and witches alike. During their time at the academy they are expected to find a meister of the opposite gender to wed and repeat the cycle. Introducing weapon blood into the family is grounds for disownment.

With that up to date, we can skip ahead to the birth of the Adachi twins, Shizuka and Amaya. Born at home in the mountains of Japan, they were raised from the time they could walk and talk to be fighters. Together, the two would train in peace for 6 years. At age seven, while out on a walk, Shizuka and Amaya would encounter their first kishin egg. They had heard of the creatures, but never seen one themselves. This kishin egg in particular was gnawing on the remains of it's last victim, a sight grim enough to make both young girl's uneasy. Terrified they did the obvious thing and ran, but the kishin egg was pursuing without mercy. The girl's were almost caught, but their mother hadn't been far off, stepping in to slay the beast. While the fear of kishin eggs has faded, that image has not, and to this day Shizuka has sworn off meat.

Later that same year the sisters would spar for the first time, using bamboo shinai.

Other: something that doesn't fit in the other categories.

Have you read the rules?
(put answer here)

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Shizuka Adachi
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