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 Might Leave...

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PostSubject: Might Leave...   Might Leave... Icon_minitimeSat Aug 30, 2014 2:10 pm

I'm sorry to say that I might leave this website.

With all the school and whatnot, I might be very busy, with having only around 3 days with nothing to go to after school. My schedule's pretty full.

And with all the time that I have, I usually spend it drawing or sharpening up my skills with graphic design (If anyone wants me to create a thread for sharing that stuff, just ask.), so I won't have too much time to rp, which usually requires a lot of  responsibility of checking the website every day and such. Adding on that I cannot rp very well, this website seems fairly untouched by myself. To be very honest, the only thing I come on this website for is the Chatbox, and even then, most people are chat rping, and I don't have a place in there because, as mentioned previously, I can't get a story going with rp. I will most likely not post on the rp part of the forums. But I might. If I can think up a good plot. Again, not likely. But if someone wants to rp, ask. I just might.

Sorry, friends. I will be on occasionally, but do not expect me to be on with a pattern. It will be random.

Thank you to all my friends, you have given be some memories that I will not forget soon.
For mixed reasons.

Thank you for reading,
See you in the Chatbox.

(Happy Birthday Espeon, in ≤ 7 days.)

Give me paper, a pencil, and a good beat, and I can make a semi-decent picture

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Might Leave...
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