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 Minia "Mia" Seracepha

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PostSubject: Minia "Mia" Seracepha   Tue Jul 22, 2014 5:10 pm

Picture (Drawn by Yours Truly!):

Name: Minia "Mia" Seracepha

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Weapon: N/A

Clothing: Mia is not one to dress very 'girly.' She normally wears very casual clothing. Her favorite, and most common, outfit consists of a pink coat with a long-ish back to it, a graphic t-shirt, dark blue jeans, gray knit gloves, and a yellow flower in her hair. Her t-shirts usually have pictures of video games or bands she likes, for example, Minecraft. This is her subtle way of making friends with common ground. Every outfit she has includes a jacket of some kind, to hide her wings from strangers. Her shoes are usually colorful sneakers. She may sometimes dress a bit like a tom-boy, but she can also be very girly, in clothing and attitude.

Hairstyle: Minia has brown hair that shines a bit red-ish in the sunlight. Her shoulder-length hair is layered, giving her not much to do with it. Besides leaving her hair down, she likes a particular style that she discovered when messing around with it. This style is a bit complicated to explain, but fairly simple to execute. She leaves two pieces of hair in front of her ears, and the pieces covering her ears wrap around her head to the back. She 'locks' them in place using a hair clip, which she changes often. With this hairstyle, she sometimes picks a pretty flower, and sets it in her hair. (Like in the picture above.) She usually uses this hairstyle for formal occasions, or times when she wants to look a little different than normal. (This section is complicated to explain, as said above. If you need me to draw it out, tell me. I once had this hairstyle, my friends said is was very 'elf-ish.' Hope that helps. .-.)

Build: Mia is a small person, smaller than most people, and people her age, as well. She is thin, but not super thin. She has soft, white feathered wings, and her wingspan is about 6 feet at full expansion. Mia's wings have the capability to lift her off the ground for a bit of time, about 10 minutes, but not for long. With practice, she can be a strong flyer. When folded in, they can barely be seen under a jacket, which she usually wears. She is graceful in moving.

Personality: Mia is friendly, polite, and calm, and she often thinks before she acts or speaks. But, while she is considerate almost all of the time, she does not form very close emotional bonds. However, she sometimes makes a very good friend that she cares very much for, but very rarely. She is generous and crafty, it is only right that her favorite gifts to give are her own! Upon meeting strangers, Mia is shy, but she can build up confidence at times and approach someone new, though this rarely happens and she makes friends when they come to her. She is very fun around friends - it gives her a confidence boost. Mia loves animals - especially cats, but doesn't have the time or resources to get a pet of her own. Friendship is very important to this meister, and she will sometimes give out random gifts to them to show her appreciation for the friendship they have shared with her. The fact that she has wings makes her see people differently than her. She thinks of herself as very different, and is sometimes down about it. As a solution, she hides her wings with a jacket, unless Mia is sure that she's alone. Sometimes, she lets a bit of information slip, which can lead to curious people, which could lead to her secret being known by one more person. She fears that if someone were to find out about her 'specialness,' that they would fear her or treat her like something different. Mia just wants to be normal.

Likes: Cats/kittens, friends/friendship, crafts, calmness, organization, drawing, flowers, baking, sleep, flying, video games, acting normal, honesty.

Dislikes: Being judged for being different, people discovering secrets, approaching strangers, losing friends, mean people, annoying people, getting hurt (physically and emotionally), lying.

History: If you asked Mia what her past was like, she probably wouldn't be able to answer. Minia Seracepha was raised by a single parent who didn't care about her, all he cared about was money. When her guardian was posed with an offer to trade Minia for a large sum of money. Being who her father was, he accepted, and Minia was taken away. She was tested on, forced to be apart of a DNA-altering project. The crew who had Mia had knocked her out every time they tested, and therefore, she could not remember what they did to her. After one test, she woke from a longer-than-normal session of sleep to find that she had something changed about her. Minia was now different from everyone, being a 'mutant.' She was let out, after the organization who kept her was found out, and she was sent to Death City on her own. With her *changes,* she avoided people. When she got bored of being alone, she ventured out into public, covering her wings so that she seemed normal. She began to feel partially normal, and her lifestyle improved in her favor. She is now living semi-peacefully and quietly in Death City.

Other: Her name is Minia, and she goes by that or her nicknames, either 'Mia' or (in rarer cases) 'Mini.'

Have you read the rules?
"Let's go Soul Resonance!"

Give me paper, a pencil, and a good beat, and I can make a semi-decent picture

Aurora: Weapon: No meister []
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Minia: Meister: No weapon []
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PostSubject: Re: Minia "Mia" Seracepha   Wed Jul 23, 2014 3:01 pm

Well, everything seems to be in order here, my dear Lion. Very interesting type of meister, and I love to see what she will bring to the universe here, and I look forward to having one of my characters meet her.

Anyway, this character has been APPROVED!

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Minia "Mia" Seracepha
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