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PostSubject: Red   Fri Jul 18, 2014 7:58 pm

Name: Rachel Eden Dickson

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Weapon: Looking

Appearance: Rachel stands at around 5'0 even and usually maintains nicely tanned skin. She has dark green eyes and bright orange hair. She usually wears a series of colorful bracelets on her wrists. She tends to walk around in a grey an white bikini with a matching cover up and white slip-on sandals. Usually she wears a blue and red flower in her hair, which she gets fresh every morning from a friend that runs a flower shop. This flower has a calming aroma that she likes. She usually wears a sweet smile and speaks in a soft manner.

Personality: Rachel may not be the strongest or the fastest, but she's a tactical/social genius. Her mind is constantly at work to find the best solution for every issue. Be that issue as small as how to get to the school fastest or as big as how to save a town from a rampaging kishin egg. She's also very familiar with the human mind and body, easily able to read most people's body language and personality within a short amount of time. This allows her to defuse potentially unstable people and hopefully prevent a madness outburst before it starts.

As for Rachel's outward attitude, she tries to treat everybody she meets with absolute respect. The exceptions to this rule are those currently affected by madness. In this case, Rachel will become less respectful and instead try to mess with their head to throw them off. She believes strongly in second chances, believing that if a person truly wants to change that you should help them do so in any way you can. She loves to be around friends and "family". Quotations on "family" because while Rachel has no living relatives or siblings, she does tend to adopt people into her life to fill the hole that was left after the incident. Rachel is also quite an open person, not hiding many things about herself. She listens to the ideas and thoughts of others, and tries to take these into consideration before acting. Generally, she's a laid back person who can enjoy most situations. You won't hear many complaints from her.

Likes: Helping people, ice cream, swimming, the beach, gardening.

Dislikes: Hurting people, madness, cold weather, bugs.

History: Rachel was born to her mother and father, two meisters. Her father's side of the family passed her the "healing wavelength" (See "Other" section) and her mother passed her a flexible wavelength, making her wavelength an ideal weapon against madness. For this reason they trained her from a young age, enlisting her into the DWMA when she came of age. During her time at the DWMA, her parents retired out of state. Only they never really made it to their destination, because their plane fell victim to engine failure. After this, Rachel became really upset. Even if she killed the last kishin egg, people would die from something like that? Why did it matter? She was ready to give up, when she had a talk with a councilor at the school. From that talk, one idea stuck out to her. "You can't protect them all, Rachel, but what matters is that you try. If you quit trying, more people will feel the same emptiness you did when you heard your parents were dead."

After that, Rachel straightened out. She began to push herself harder and harder. Eventually she got her weapon partner to a solid 99 souls. Her partner had always been a bit afraid of witches, so when they saw someone come back from a witch fight carrying their partner's soul, he quit. There was no way he was going anywhere near that witch. He got himself purged and left the academy, leaving Rachel alone and 99 souls further from her goal. Graduating at age 18 a week later, she decided to retreat to Florida and give up on being a meister.

Four years after moving to Florida she got a call from some old DWMA friends. They wanted to meet up back in Death City and hang out for a few days. Rachel couldn't say no to this, and made her way back eagerly. While in town, she ran into the councilor, who she had a nice chat with. They were retiring and suggested that Rachel request to take her place. Taking this advice, Rachel was hired as a councilor and given a homeroom class. She's sent for her things and bought an apartment, and is now beginning her life as a teacher/councilor at the academy.


•Wavelength - Rachel's wavelength is an ideal combination of healing and flexibility. She has what's known as a "healing wavelength", which allows her to enter someone's soul and literally pull them out of madness. To do this, she has to physically touch their body while her hand is glowing, enter their soul, and convince them to take her hand. It's impossible to fall into madness while resonating with her, so her flexible wavelength is useful for dispelling madness via resonance. She herself, cannot be affected by madness unless she begins the consumption of pure souls.

•While she's inside someone's soul, no time will seem to pass on the outside world.

Have you read the rules?

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PostSubject: Re: Red   Fri Jul 18, 2014 8:14 pm

And everything looks to be in order. And I love her healing wavelength, very similar to my Sora, actually. With the healing wavelength, maybe they could be related somehow, like distant family?

Anyway, this character has been APPROVED!

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