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 Chen Guanzhong

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PostSubject: Chen Guanzhong   Mon Jul 14, 2014 3:53 pm

Name: Chen Guanzhong
Age: 79 years old
Gender: Male
Weapon: None

Appearance: Chen seemingly has a unique yet dignifed (in its own sense) clothing style. It is primarly yellows robes, yellow pants, a vest of some sort, and numerous designs and accessories. He also wears no shoes. He is balding and seemingly has a large forehead with prominet eyebrows. He has a slender yet tall build, reaching 9 feet in height, and sometimes tends to pose during his speeches.

Personality: Chen is a powerful kishin egg with a rather ridiculous manner of speech. He is known to frequently mention the word "Heaven" during his over the top speeches. His eccentric manner often irritates others. Despite this, he is a very wise, kind, and brave who seeks nothing but peace and justice, and would go as far as to hunt down other Kishin Eggs and destroy them. He has a strong sense of honor as well as compassion, making him a very capable leader. He also shows a paternal-like attiude to those he is allied with, and is not above accepting defeat in spars.

However, despite his rather unique mix of personality, he is a very skilled combatant and capable general, his yoga making him very flexible, his meditation making him keen, and his prowess in Martial Arts making him very dangerous. He is not perfect however. Naturally, he is rather distrustful with other beings of Madness who have a history for being very murderous, often times making him look down on them. His trusting nature is also a weakness, for it will easily allow trickery, though, he is keen enough to see it before it happens.

Likes: Talking, Meditation, Yoga, Doing the right things

Dislikes: Evil

History: Chen Guanzhong was once a mere Taoist monk who did regional cleanses to people who suffered from Madness, mainly but using his unique Anti-Madness wave length, making him one of the rare few who actually had it. While never joining the DWMA, he did know a great deal of them, as some Meisers usually came in hopes of convincing him to join them (and keep him safe), but he rejected every time, and stayed at his little home, cleansing people and training in his little village. However, he, as well as his village, was soon attacked by Raiders, leaving the village a wasteland. Chen was the only survivor, having hidden himself deep in the crevices of his home.

Soon, he began to starve, all the food in his village having been stolen. With no other choice, he ate the souls of those he could find, becoming a Kishin Egg. However, something strange happened. His Anti-Madness conflicted with his Kishin nature. What was born was a sort of Anti-Kishin, a man not succombed by Madness, yet, able to grow stronger by eating souls. He soon found out, however, he could only eat the souls of those who were evil, similar to how a normal Kishin must eat a Pure Soul. Wandering, he came to Europe, hoping to heal those in need aswell as quench his hunger.

HuǒChen is able to free create and manipulate fire (very similar to Fire Bending as seen in Avatar). The exact damage of the fire, however, depends on the enviroment. Under normal circumstances, it does 2nd Burns. However, in hot enviroments (A desert for example), it will be boosted to 3rd Degree burns while in cold or moist enviroments, its lowered to 1st degree.Starter Ability
Cè huǎng qìChen is able to passively tell if some one is lieing. What happens is that, if the person is lieing, Chen will feel a slightly pressure on his body, telling him that they are lieing.Starter Ability
Ability Description souls
Ability Descriptionsouls

Other: He is a master at Yoga.

He is adept in Tae Kwon Do as well as Karate.

He has the rare Anti-Madness Wavelength.

Have you read the rules?
"Noms on Souls"

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PostSubject: Re: Chen Guanzhong   Mon Jul 14, 2014 4:11 pm

And so, the prophetic Kishin Egg is released into the world.

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Chen Guanzhong
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