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PostSubject: Danny   Sun Jul 13, 2014 3:06 pm

Wears this mask:
Name: Danny
Age: 16
Gender: male
Weapon: N/A
Appearance: Danny is a tall boy with short brown hair.  He is a thin boy with a muscular build. He has numerous tattoos that go around his body including his hands. He wears a black tank top with the word 9lives on it and a pair of black jeans. In addition to that he carries around a set of handcuffs and a pair of brass knuckles. and his various masks. He has handsome features underneath the mask. He notably has bright red eyes that shine strangely. He is usually wearing all black clothes due to his dark style of dressing. He has tattoos of the words die now on both hands and has a skull on his neck. He is about six feet three and is very skinny. Despite this he is pretty athletic. He is also somewhat religious and occasionally makes prayers. He also has a cross tattoo on his left shoulder.  His tattoo's are shown when he wears a tank top and so he occasionally switches. He also tends to switch masks after dramatic events to reflect his change as a person. He also alternately wears a mask that looks like a gas mask with two canisters. It is white and has burnt holes around the eyes. There is also a money sign which crosses itself out everytime he accepts a job.
Personality: Danny is a stoic often silent person. He doesn't really talk to people and tends to hang to himself. This has earned him a rather creepy reputation. He began wearing a golden mask at age 13 when he defeated his first Kishin Egg. He witnessed the death of several innocent people that day and was frozen while the Kishin egg approached. However his will eventually steeled and he managed to kill the Kishin Egg. He then began a quest to wipe out as many of the monstrosities as possible. Rather than work with the DWMA he became more of a vigilante. He hates Kishin Eggs with a passion and holds sympathizers in low regard. He has recently put that belief aside and become  a bounty hunter and mercenary. Anyone in need of a fighter can hire him. He is a natural leader and is easily able to manipulate others. In addition his reputation proceeds him to the point where law enforcement is afraid to touch him for fear of retribution. He however occasionally gets himself arrested to get closer to potential Kishin Eggs. In addition to being a hunter he is also an extremely talented musician and he even plays in a band. One of his tactics is to annoy an opponent until the lose their focus and  he eventually defeats them. Danny is also smarter than he acts, as he is an excellent tactician and is very perceptive.
Likes: Girls, Music, Partying, Peace, Concerts
Dislikes: Police, Jerks, Mean People, Murderers,
History: Danny was born in poverty and so put an output into anything artistic and creative. He then became known in his town as a musician. However one night after a concert he met a kishin egg who murdered some of his fans. The kishin egg then attacked Danny who managed to kill it. The fight inspired him to become a vigilante and he traveled to America to start hunting Kishin Eggs or anything else that harms people. Eventually however he couldn't continue to do this for free or he would starve. So he became a mercenary who would do assassinations or retrievals.
Have you read the rules?
("Lets go Soul Erec-i mean Reasonance!")

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PostSubject: Re: Danny   Sun Jul 13, 2014 5:13 pm

Alright, looking good~

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