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 Kendrick(Ken) Volaju

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PostSubject: Kendrick(Ken) Volaju   Tue Jul 01, 2014 11:07 pm

Name: Kendrick Volaju

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Weapon Form: A nagamaki, with a black hilt.

Meister: Sora Clement

Appearance: Kendrick is about 5'6", with a thin build, light brown hair, and eyes of a separate color. One side is an emerald green, while the other is a bright teal. Kendrick tends to keep a very stoic expression, and dresses for comfort more than anything else. His usual outfits are long-sleeved shirts, and an odd jacket with short sleeves, and a hood, colored a sharp black(that he never leaves home without).

Personality: Kendrick's body is home to two souls. The dominant one was once a care free, and fun soul, but it was forced into a submissive position by the other soul. The second soul is highly intellectual, and sometimes pessimistic. Both souls have their turns in control depending on the types of emotions that are the strongest at the moment. The second soul tends to get more time due to his control over his own faculties, and his ability to use that ability to repress the first soul.

When the first soul gets control in the presence of positive emotions, but will disappear in a near instant when something negative rears it's head. Due to this souls lack of control, it doesn't share all of the memories that the second has. This leads to some confusion, but he tends to look past it, and considers it forgetfulness. The first soul also has no idea that there are two souls inside of him, and thinks that the second souls memories are like mood swings. The memories he loses are generally the one's consciously addressing that there are two souls. This may be a sort of natural denial.

The second soul tends to take control with negative emotions, but also has a greater threshold for when he has to trade places due to his control. This means he can remain through many positive emotions. Unlike the first, he is aware of the second soul, and as well can see all of the memories from his other half. His ability to remember the first souls positive emotions, but his inability to access them(due to the place swap), causes him to regard the other with a sort of jealousy, or envy. Even still, he can't bring himself to hate it, and when feeling especially down, he may hand control over to the first, simply so that he can regard happy memories from it. He tends to be honorable due to his analytical abilities ultimately leading to a sort of empathy, and that leading to his desire not to harm anyone.

Likes: (Soul: 1) Good jokes, bad jokes, pranks, sunny days, swimming, and any people/animals that like the same (Soul: 2) Feeling that people like his persona as much as/more than the firsts, being able to help people, the firsts memories

Dislikes: (Soul: 1) Serious situations, being called Kendrick, the way he seems to be so forgetful (Soul: 2) Being called Ken, getting wet, secrets

History: Kendrick is a "human chimera". This effectively means that he is his own twin. This caused him to be born with two eye colors, as well as two souls. The fact that the two souls each had their own personality, caused great confusion at a young age. Growing older, the second, more intellectual, soul became more dominant, and would be able to discover the truth of his second half. This lead to multiple issues of perceived inadequacy, and only served to send the second farther in a different direction. Having no hopes of his relations understanding, or knowing, the second went into isolation. This indirectly lead the first to isolation, as his friends became more and more wary of him. The negative emotions trapped the second as dominant. As the first was forced away from control, it began to weaken like it was being smothered, and became the smaller of the two, reinforcing that the second be in command.

Reaching his teens, Kendrick unlocked his weapon blood. The first would see this as another path to having fun, while the second saw it as a responsibility to others. In either case, they were glad to be rid of their mundane origins. At the DWMA, the second soul has been given more room to move, as the two have found the change of pace refreshing.


-These two souls are connected at the middle, and are inseparable. The only exception would be for one to decide to overpower the other, an absorb it. This would also mean that the remaining soul would become a dark weapon.

Have you read the rules?
(Let's Go Soul Resonance)
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PostSubject: Re: Kendrick(Ken) Volaju   Tue Jul 01, 2014 11:14 pm

This is the most amazing character concept ever.

-stamps with ACCEPTED stamp-


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Kendrick(Ken) Volaju
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