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PostSubject: Kei   Kei Icon_minitimeMon Jun 30, 2014 8:06 pm

Kei Tsukishima_kei_render_by_totoro_gx-d7i1uq2
Name: Kei, Yamato (Glasses is his alias)
Gender: Male
Age:  15
Species: A very high subspecies of demonic creatures known as Aamons. Aamons are among one of the first demons and they each have the ability to transform into a huge animal form. In the case of Kei, its a giant wolf.
Appearance:  Kei is very tall. He is 6,2. He can however change his height.  He has an athletic lean build and he has blond hair that is cut short. His eyes are a bright brown except when using his powers. They become bright vibrant purple and an insignia appears in them. He is handsome and wears prescription sports glasses since he is always fighting in his glasses. He is usually wearing a frown or a displeased expression. His outfit changes with every day but in his most common one he wears a black short sleeve tee shirt. He also wears a black and orange letterman jacket with the word D3Mon on the front. He wears a pair of black sweatpants and bright orange and black sneakers. He also wears a pair of headphones around his neck. Kei has an x shaped scar on his shoulder from his time fighting.
Personality: Kei is very blunt and has a habit of riling people up. He dislikes "hot blooded people" and doesn't like putting forth much effort in activities due to influence from his brother Takeo. He shows little respect for anyone and is shown to be quite irritated having to be near anyone. He is also incredibly spiteful and sarcastic. He simply doesn't like people.
Likes: Sports, Games, Music, Combat
Dislikes: People, Touch, Closeness, Excitement.
History: Kei was born in a land far from any civilization. Young Aamons are put up against other Aamons in the death caverns to prove their worth. If they survive they are allowed to move in with their family and begin honing their fighting skills so that they might respectfully serve the empire. Kei stood out among his family for his gifts and intelligence. He was quick to move up in the ranks but was demoted frequently for his attitude. He fell in love with a girl who was also in the ranks. However she didn't feel the same way. And rather than letting him off kindly she was scornful and sneering. Because of this his psyche was messed up and he became cold. Later during a battle he saw her dying and she asked for help. He ignored her just like she had done him and let her die. He became focused and poised. His single goal was to become as strong as possible to help his nation. Except his nation was disbanded. Due to a devastating civil war the nation was crippled. Kei lived in france for a number of years and actually rekindled the myth about the beast of gevaudan  Kei wandered away from his home before coming to the DWMA where he works as a combat tuitor.

SpeedHe can flash-step 100 meters, then it has a 3-5 post cool-down, and he can sprint 30-50 mph (thanks prayf)
Hell SUmmonHe can summon hellish elements such as flame and black rock

Shadow ManipulationUsing preexisting shadows he is able to manipulate them to form spikes or walls.
StrengthKei is able to smash through a concrete wall with minimum effort. In fact this is what gained him his title as the Brutal King.
Madness AbsorbAn utterly unique ability. If an enemy with a madness wavelength fires an attack at him he can absorb it and then fire the attack back out.
Weapon ProfeciencyKei is an accomplished fighter and is able to wield most weapons without trouble.

Other: Kei is a virgin. just....so ya know
Have you read the rules?
(Lets Go Soul Reasonance)


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PostSubject: Re: Kei   Kei Icon_minitimeTue Jul 01, 2014 7:08 pm

You're uh-... You're welcome. xD

Alright, finally a character who simply hate's everything. Man do I love those.~

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