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 Akari Nanase

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PostSubject: Akari Nanase    Thu Jun 19, 2014 4:24 pm

Nanase, Akari

Age: 15.

Gender: girl

Weapon Form
Akari has a very interesting weapon form. She turns into a gauntlet that fits the wearer's hand perfectly and is made of a flexible russet metal. It's very breathable and doesn't pinch or hurt at all. They have little spikes at the end of the knuckles. It makes the Meister's swing harder and faster, though of course is not invincible.

It doubles as a shield, as it can change form and make a circular shield. This is not easy to break, but it is rather small, so it is easy to get around if necessary. It's made of the same metal the gauntlet is, and has a streak of white going through the middle and spikes on the sides.

The Soul Resonance causes the gauntlet to grow in both size and power, and a harsh light to illuminate from it. It would then pack more power and strength, though this doesn't last too long, as Akari isn't a strong weapon. It's more for defense and enhancing the Meister's natural abilities.

Miester: Leo Thooft

Thin, flat-chested, and long legged describe Akari very well. She only stands at about 5'4" and weighs ninety-eight pounds. While she looks pretty weak and frail, do not underestimate the force of her punch. She definitely has some muscles in her thin body, and man is she fast. She could run faster than most boys, though of course, she had to learn how to at an early age. Athletic, flexible and quick, Akari takes pride in herself, even though she isn't super secure in the way she looks. She wishes she had more curves, she wishes her ribs and hipbones didn't show. Just stupid little things like that, which she shouldn't be worried about in the first place. She has small feet and small hands, and all in all, her body looks like a dainty little flower. Onto her hair, it's thick, downy soft, and dark auburn in color, like freshly fallen leaves. It's short, reaching just below her shoulders, but she prefers it that way. Her eyes are round, and very expressive. She has thick black lashes, and her eye color is nearly the same color as her hair, but in fact have more gold in them. Her face structure is also unique, as her cheekbones are high and filled out. With all these things taken into consideration, Akari is a very, very pretty young lady. Some might even say beautiful, but they wouldn't if they could see underneath her clothes.

Akari wears anything and everything she can get her hands on, stylish or unstylish. This includes some of Leo's old shirts if she decides to raid his closet. She loves to show off her legs, but nothing at all that shows her stomach. What she hides underneath her clothing is a large tattoo that consists of many black words: "Akari." "Slut." "Whore." "Deserter." and one more in a different handwriting, "Murderer." This covers almost her entire stomach, and of course she is very ashamed of them.

Akari is the queen of sass. Literally. She acts like she thinks she's better than everyone else, and she has a horrible temper. She gets mad so easily, like flipping a switch. Many people think she's bipolar, as she can go from furious to bubbly and happy in a second. It all depends on if she's actually angry or if she's just doing it to get her way. Akari is also pretty controlling. Not in the relationship way, but the fact that she hates messiness and will force people to get up and clean their mess, even if she has to use her two hands to do so. She's actually pretty scary when she gets mad, because she gets this look on her face where her eyes narrow just slightly, her eyebrows angle down, and her lower lip pokes out just a bit. It gives her a more intimidating look, and those who know her fury would most certainly be afraid.

While it appears to be very easy to know what Akari's thinking, in all honesty, it isn't. In general, she'll act fun and bubbly and happy (until someone makes her mad), but in reality, she is usually unhappy. After all, not everyone can be happy all the time, and she has some big reasons to be unhappy. It's not like she chooses to be so - in fact, she chooses to be happier. She may get angry from time to time, but really she doesn't mean it... well, okay, she does... just not as much as it seems like she does.

Another thing to note about Akari is how she acts with someone she loves. She'll put on a motherly act and will clean up after them and will work far harder to help them out. However, she definitely gets angrier at people she loves much quicker than if she didn't love them. This is because she gets hurt easier by what they say or do, as she cares more about what they think of her. She seems to want to take care of someone or something, but it is rather... difficult to get used to her at times. She has such a flippant personality and can't seem to decide what mood she wants to be in, she gets hurt easily by people she loves, she's arrogant at times and she has a temper that would scare most people to the point of wetting themselves if she gets angry enough.

Her demeanor changes almost one hundred percent around children. She acts like a completely different person, and is much kinder, sweeter, and talks in a much more gentle tone with them. She will do anything at all for a child, as she loves them and wants children of her own someday. It's obvious by the way she is with them that she'd be a great mother. She does act like a child herself sometimes, pouting when she doesn't get what she wants and having too much energy to know what to do with.

Akari has a lot of emotional turmoil, so every now and again she does break down. After all, one person can only be so strong for so long. Whenever she does break down, she will occasionally need someone who understands and who she can trust to hold her for however long she needs. She will only cry in front of someone who she feels completely safe with, so she wouldn't ever cry in front of random strangers unless it was something very, very serious.

Loving environments
Every animal but cats
Cleanliness and order

Most people
Flip flops
Filth or messes

Akari's life didn't start out bad. Not at all. She was  born an only child to two parents, one of whom had graduated from the DWMA. Her mother was a Death Scythe, but her father hadn't even gone. Her mother and father were religious nuts who went to church every single time it was opened. Akari used to like going to church, until she met this one boy at her school who was two years older than her. His name was Tyler.

Well, Tyler was not of the religion her parents were from, so their relationship was deeply frowned upon and disliked. They refused to give their blessing, and Akari's whole thirteenth year was spent running around trying to sneak with Tyler. They were never caught, and that summer they shared their first kiss. It seemed to be a picture perfect childhood romance, right? I mean, it was so cute, wasn't it?

It was not.

Tyler kept pushing Akari to do more and more for him, and it started out as just kissing him longer and deeper. Then it got into worse and worse things, and finally, after Akari was fourteen and he sixteen, she gave him everything. She has never regretted anything more. After that, Tyler changed. He was no longer the sweet, gentle boyfriend she'd had before. No. Now he was controlling and got jealous over everything she did with her friends, until the point where she basically had to give her whole life up just to be with him. All this time, her parents had no idea what was going on. They were completely in the dark over their daughter's predicament.

And then she got pregnant.

Yes, at fourteen years old, Akari Nanase, child of Berthold and Ashe Nanase, was pregnant. She told Tyler first, who automatically left her. Then she had no choice but to tell her mother and father. That was the worst day of her life. First, her mother just turned away, crying. Then her father slapped her in the face. They called her cruel names and then insisted that she go to the local clinic and get an abortion. But the thing was, she didn't want one. She already loved the baby inside her, and she argued hard and long to keep it, but in the end, her parents forced her.

That week was basically a living hell. First off, even though she was in both physical and emotional pain from the abortion, she was forced to go to school. Then she had to go to church, where she found that everyone already knew about the pregnancy and termination of it from her mother. After service, they made her go before the elders and have them pin her down and tattoo on her stomach, for this religion strongly believed that one should be marked for their sins. She took the tattoo machine once they were done and wrote "MURDERER" in big, bold, black text on her stomach along with the words they had inked, since she felt like she'd killed her baby.

After that, they just let her go. She tried to go back home to her parents, but they wouldn't let her in. After all, who wanted a daughter like her? That was the conclusion she'd come to. She then left them and headed toward a place she'd been told about that would take her in no matter what - the place her mother had gone to when she'd had nowhere else to go. The DWMA. Akari knew that she was a Weapon, though she didn't know exactly how to resonate souls or anything. Her mother hadn't ever told her. But once she got there, they taught her how and took her in, and pretty soon she started attending classes regularly and getting her own apartment and everything. She's been there ever since.

Akari is afraid of falling in love. She would quite literally get shaky at the thought. She does not want to be in love with anyone ever again. She's also afraid of being yelled at, because she would do one of four things. She'd either freeze up completely, like a deer in headlights, wet herself, run away, or just bust into tears. She absolutely hates when others direct their tempers at her, even though she does it quite often. She's scared of getting hurt again, or hit or turned away. She doesn't want anything like what happened the year prior to happen again, and would definitely go to great lengths to keep it from happening once more.

She often cries herself to sleep at night, every night, and doodles baby names in her notebooks.

Have you read the rules?
Let's go, Soul Resonance!


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PostSubject: Re: Akari Nanase    Fri Jun 20, 2014 1:58 am

This is a VERY interesting character. I look forward to seeing how she develops. Approved

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Akari Nanase
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