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 Leo Thooft, The pride of Lions

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PostSubject: Leo Thooft, The pride of Lions   Tue Jun 17, 2014 11:20 am

Name:Leonardo Thooft.
-Nicknames: Leon, Leo.

Age: 17

Gender: boy

Weapon: N/A
Appearance: Leo stands at 6 feet exact with long golden hair that goes down to his neck. Except the bangs, the bangs are a little above his eyes. He has a nice muscular build even if he is pretty skinny, though he doesn't come off as a lanky person. He has a couple of scars on him due to him fighting his mother. The first one is behind his left ear. It runs down to his shoulder and is usually covered. The second is by the inside of his right eye. It from his cheek and slants upward to the bride of his nose. Finally, he has a scar on the back of his right hand. It isn't too big, but he always has that covered as well.

Leo has a long golden scarf that he will wear around people pretty much at all times. The edges are decorated with lions facing each at each other when they laid out straight on the ground. The lions are a hard iron painted red to match his color scheme of red and yellow. He wears a red t-shirt, long sleeved or short sleeved, that has a yellow roaring lion decorated on it where his heart is. His shirt is never tucked in. He wears blue baggy jeans and a red belt with a gold lion buckle. His shoes are white with red marks on them and a lion on the tongue of the shoe.

Personality: Leo is a quiet person that would rather not talk to others and read instead. He tries to be a positive person, but does usually tend to be realistic. He's a pretty honest person, though he will be elusive about his past when it is brought up. He's pretty quick to anger and tends to rely on words to hurt other people when angered. Though, he usually has a calm demeanor about him, even when he is happy, sad, confused, or other feelings.

When Leo is forced to socialize, however, he takes on the tactic of being kind to others and is not very judgmental. He tends to be a bit of a poker for information and is quite patient with other people as well. He tries to respect people when he can, and usually hates it when people point out that he wears a scarf all the time. Some things will get him quick to violence, though, but it depends on the day.

At home, Leo can usually be seen laying around reading or writing. He'll watch T.V. or a movie every now and then, but most of the time is relaxing. This is because Leo is very lazy and a huge procrastinator. Unless someone else motivates him, he won't do anything unless it really needs to be done. He also orders a lot of take out and does not do much cooking at all. His house is a mess and Leo is very disorganized and not embarrassed to admit it. While Leo wishes his past was better, he is proud of who is and what he has become, though not to a point of being an egotistical man.

Likes: Reading, books, writing, a bit of solitude, his scarf dramatic stories, take out, easy to get food. fairy tales.

Dislikes: Giving speeches/talking in large groups, people trying to read behind his shoulder, kishin eggs, betrayal, death, insomnia, writers block, and cooking. coffee

History: Leo was born in a Miami Florida to a mother named Amy and a father named Bruce. He comes from a line of warlocks of cats with his being a snow leopard. His mother comes from a middle class family, though they have a bad history of their members becoming kishin eggs and giving into madness tendencies. In his earlier years, Bruce went to college to be a detective before deciding to be a meister. He then become a famous meister back when he attended school and has made not one but 2 death scythes. On a mission, however, he lost his left arm and right leg and retied from being a meister. He has then become a doctor and met and fell in love with Amy there.

Because of Bruce's past, he has tried to force his dreams of once again being a meister on Leo. His mother, however, did not want Leo to become a meister given her past and her fear of Leo killing a family member, herself, or becoming a kishin egg with a great amount of fighting skills. The two started to fight until Leo turned six.

They then divorced from marriage, and Leo effectively blamed himself. He was then bounced around every week from one house to another in Miami and a smaller town 30 minutes away. His father was very tough on him and was not sentimental at all, always sending him on mini missions and through vigorous training. Everything that Leo did was a judgement on him by Bruce, and was usually not good.

His mother was pretty much the opposite, though. Amy would be there for Leo and treated him like a prince and effectively gave him everything he asked for. Amy started to date a younger rich man from the area, and then he actually did get anything he asked for. Leo did have a small period of asking for everything and anything, but his dad helped with that problem pretty swiftly. Leo, however, was not close to his mom either. While she did love him, she was too scared to actually help Leo and never actually had a real talk with him. However, her boyfriend, Salvador, did talk with Leo. When he was 9, the two of them started to grow a great father/son relationship. And it did help that Salvador asked Amy to marry her which was followed by a yes.

This infuriated Bruce, though. After a year, he realized that he still loved Amy and deeply regretted letting her out of his reach. This lasted for 4 years, and then it happened. Leo was told to stop coming to his mother's house and stayed with his dad for longer periods.

One day he, when his dad sent him on a run, he took a bus over to see his step-dad and mom. When he arrived, he immediately knew something was amiss. Going inside, he found a bit of blood on the wall. Exploring the kitchen, he found a knife in the sink. The sink was filled with water that had a bright reddish tint to it and a feint smell of iron coming from the water. Grabbing the knife, he explored the house and discovered that his mom has gone insane and watched her kill Salvador. And the two of them fought with Leo killing his mom.

The two remaining boys were devastated, with Leo being a bit dramatized. Bruce decided to stop training Leo and tried to get close to Leo. Leo let him in a bit, but they were still pretty distant. Leo continued to train in peace, and when he turned 15, Leo left and joined the DWMA, where he as lived for the next two years.


Magic: Leo's father comes from a line of big cat warlocks, and Leo is not an exception. He doesn't know much magic and they aren't the most powerful, but they still help out a bit. His animal is that of a lion.*No mantra needed.*
-Lions claw: Leo swipes his sword or blade, causing a small wind slash to fly at his enemy. It is curved with a diameter of 1 meter. It's not very sharp and is more like being hit with a dull knife.
-Lion's roar: Leo let's out a might roar, causing an explosion of air to explode from his body. It is in the shape of a sphere all around his body and forces people or objects away from him. Diameter is 5.5 meters.

Leo has Insomnia
Leo loves Chinese food.
Leo wants a pet, though is not sure of what to get.
Get's lonely pretty easily, and is why he reads and writes.
Is writing a book based off of his experiences.
Is afraid of heights.
Favorite Arthur is Jodi Piccult.
Is always tired, but usually hides it.
Is embarrassed about his scars.

-Has a dagger with a blade that is 1.5 feet long. It has a red handle with a sleeping lion engraved on the blade.
-Can pretty much use any weapon, though prefers swords and blades.
-Is a decent detective and is quite good at picking up facial expressions and vocal tones.
-Has knowledge of CPR and other medical stuff.
-Can easily resonate souls and is can use his soul to give his punches and kicks a little umph. If trained more, he can use his soul to make soul claws on his hands. Nondeadly*
-Good at making decisions under pressure.
-Soul perception.

-Because of the fact that he has insomnia and hate's coffee, he always tired and if a fight drags on for too long, he will either run or pass out.
-Because of his mom's history, he can be easily influenced by madness. When influenced, he has an internal debate with himself, rendering him useless unless snapped out of it.
-When alone, he may have internal debates with his madness side.

Have you read the rules?
(Alright, fine. Soul resonance!)
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PostSubject: Re: Leo Thooft, The pride of Lions   Wed Jun 18, 2014 12:37 am

It's a hard not life for Leo. ;-;

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Leo Thooft, The pride of Lions
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