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PostSubject: Honey   Mon Jun 16, 2014 6:51 pm

Name: Honey Maykis

Age: Her current body is 14, she herself is 169, being born on January 3rd 1845.

Gender: Female

Weapon: N/A for now

Animal Form: Butterflies


Personality: Honey likes the finer things in life. Jewelry, fine clothes, quality meals, ect. In order to get these things, she manipulates people for their money. In doing this she has accumulated quite a fortune for herself, which include a large estate in Oregon, a seemingly endless flow of cash, a LOT of jewelry, and a constant shuffle of live-in maids taking care of it all when she's away. Yet even with all this, Honey remains unsatisfied. So she continues to suck the money from people, flirting or posing as a child in need. She's married quite a few times, twice to very rich men, and only once to a man she cared about.

For those that she lets see her actual personality, Honey is actually quite laid back and forgiving. She likes stories and dreams of finding someone she can actually fall in love with again. If she ever does find that someone, she wants another family and another actual life she can call her own. She really does feel bad about stealing bodies to live on, but she marks their sacrifice as "a requirement for the continuation of [her] life". She's also quite manipulative, attempting to sway others to get her way in life. When she does make a real friend, she's quite loyal, sometimes spoiling them with gifts or fancy dinners.

Honey also hates looking old, and will find a new body whenever she decides the current one is no longer young enough for her. She's not very up to date with fashion, flat out refusing pants and instead wearing only dresses and skirts. She also hates wearing shoes, ditching her sandals at any chance she gets. Despite this, Honey does know when to dress up, enjoying a good dinner party every now and again.

Likes: Stories, jewelry, money, and pretty dresses.

Dislikes: Shoes, sour foods, not having at least $25 in "pocket money" at all times, and pants.

History: Honey was born on January 3rd, 1845 in Oregon, USA. Her parents, a human father and a witch mother, loved her very much. Every morning her father would go off to trade, work, or sell vegetables from their garden. In the afternoon, her mother would take her into the woods and teach her to use her butterfly magic. Honey would quickly excel at it, learning a few of her current spells. Honey lived a nice life until age 12, when she became very sick. Her parents did all they could, but Honey just kept getting worse. In searching for a cure, Honey stumbled across a spell that would extend her lifespan a great many years. This spell gave her the ability to store her soul inside of a butterfly, and move it to a new body. She used this spell to transport herself into a healthier body, and fake her own death for the first time.

Spells: please make a list of your character's current spells. More can be added to the character log by practicing in RP.

Other: something that doesn't fit in the other categories.

Have you read the rules?
(put answer here)

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