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 Asura, The Moon, and Othet Canon!~

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Asura, The Moon, and Othet Canon!~ Empty
PostSubject: Asura, The Moon, and Othet Canon!~   Asura, The Moon, and Othet Canon!~ Icon_minitimeSun Jun 01, 2014 1:57 pm

Hello! So until recently, it's been up in the air about what canon we're using, but today we decided to use parts of both. Things that will be included:

1) The moon IS a ball of black blood and Asura IS inside it.

2) Witches are still hunted by the DWMA.

3) Lord Death DID die when Kid became Shinigami, meaning Kid is now in the Death Room.

4) Kid can no longer leave Death City, as his soul has replaced Lord Death's.

5) We're taking a 20 year timeskip. Meaning the Soul Eater manga ended 20 years ago. (This does not permit high-tech devices that wouldn't have been realistic in Soul Eater.)

If we think of more we'll add it here.

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Asura, The Moon, and Othet Canon!~
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