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 Not As It Seems

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PostSubject: Not As It Seems   Wed May 28, 2014 12:37 am

Why...do I feel this way?This agitation.This anger.This wrath.This....guilt.Why?I did nothing wrong,all I did was merely look and read.Perhaps it was what the images were about.Maybe it was what the words were saying.Perhaps,just perhaps,this heinous act,which I do loathe so,so much with a passion,happens to be within my personality,and I am disgusted in myself for having something even remotely similar to it.Who knows?Perhaps...I should just ignore these feelings the best I can and try not excite them,for I would then become enraged.By what?What I read?It is obvious that I am sensitive to certain subjects,but to this extent.Have I gone daft?

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Not As It Seems
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