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 Andre Formin Pascal

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PostSubject: Andre Formin Pascal   Tue Apr 22, 2014 9:14 pm

Pascal, Andre

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Weapon: Err, well. He's to be the partner of Tsukasa.

Love Interest: Despite being heterosexual, Andre is horribly frightened of females..

Appearance: Andre is a young, boyishly handsome type of of kid who attracts others without trying. He has long light brown hair that goes down to his shoulders which he regularly combs and gets complimented on, especially about its texture, which is often described as being like silk. His eyes are almost perpetually squinted, or at least, that's how it looks, which amber colored eyes which filter through his lightly framed black eyeglasses which he needs to read and see things that are far away. His build is lean, like a swimmer, and he tends to work out to keep up his figure. He wears moderately formal clothing, but is no stranger to more casual items such as hoodies, jeans, and shorts which he prefers the most out of all three.

Personality: Andre's a very kind, gentle young kid who loves to help people and try out new things, as that's the right thing to do. However, that's counteracted by two facts. One, the fact that Andre is horribly "frightened" of women. And two, he's both horribly perverted, while at the same time, purer than a spring virgin. He was raised in a demure, quiet household that told him that intimacy was the root of lust and most evils, so the simple thought of making contact with another human being frightens him. Especially with women. This has lead him to be reclusive and avoid humanity in general, as he prefers solitary periods of silence to speaking to others. He's a fan of athleticism, and loves parkour, and has since he was little, age of 7 maybe. He's intelligent, but acts like a moron in many cases, just due to how unable he is to apply actual knowledge to real life situations rather than just holding it in his head.

Likes: Baking, fine cuisine, the smell of cigarette smoke, being kind.
Dislikes: Annoying people, loud noises, fast food, his fear of women.

History: Let's just say Andre's had a bad history with women. Andre, 1 year and two months old, still breastfeeding at this point, was accidentally smothered by his mom and almost died from the event. Subsequently, afterwards, he only drank bottled milk. I wonder why. As he grew older, he became more and more frightened of females, be it his mother, his aunt, his cousins. They constantly flocked on him and pinched his cheeks and such, due to him being one of the few male members of his family, and the pressure sort of cracked him. So after the age of 6, he was raised by his father, whom was a free runner. His dad was an irresponsible type, or just highly trusting, as he taught Andre both free running and soul techniques to protect himself with. One day, Andre's father was out on a run and he just straight up disappeared, no one knowing where he went and no body ever being found. Andre was left to fend for himself, at the tender age of 14, and was able to handle it due to the help of several friends and families he had met and made around the city in which he lived.

Miscellaneous: Andre is the creator, master, and perfecter of the Love Sign: Master Spark Wavelength ability, which he channels through a wooden demon furnace to create a rainbow colored laser which has massive destructive possibilities, being able to likely level the Pentagon if he put his all into it. But, he can't use it too liberally, or it starts tearing his soul apart.

He's quite versatile with his wavelength, being able to use it for most things and able to use most weapons. He has what's referred to as a rainbow soul.

He's a pretty good hand to hand fighter, thanks to his experiences with parkour.

Has intense nosebleeds. A LOT.

Andre's body gives off unnatural pheromones that basically attract people to him, despite him wanting to remain unnoticed. They work especially well on females.

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PostSubject: Re: Andre Formin Pascal   Wed Apr 23, 2014 1:47 am

I'm the slightest bit skeptical about someone who can level a building with shear, but the price is his life, so it seems like a pretty heavy trade out. That and from what you have told me that very same wave-length could make him detrimental to his partner.

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Andre Formin Pascal
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