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PostSubject: Tetsu    Sat May 17, 2014 1:18 am

Name: Tetsu Boyevoy
Age: 15 years
Gender: Boy
Weapon: N/A

Appearance: Tetsu is a tan-skinned and tall boy, easily standing at eight feet. Noticeably, despite his young age, he appears as a man well within his prime, having a very muscular built. He wore a blank ,metal forehead protector and a black mask that went down to his collarbone,which then appears to have been torn, with his eyes being the only visible part of his face. Underneath, his mouth is stitched together at the edges (giving him a glasgow smile) and he has long dark brown hair. His eyes have an unusual colouring: green irides, no pupils and red sclerae.His clothing consists of the mask and forehead protector already stated,as well as ragged green pants with a sash at waist.On his feet are black sandels.His entire body is covered with various stitches and predominantly appeared to be sewn together. Despite,his entire body is quite hard,including his hands,due to his vigorous training at his younger ages.It is said that,due to his training,he gained his name 'Tetsu',meaning iron,as it is said that his hands are as hard as it.

Personality: Tetsu is a very foul-mouthed and disrespectful individual; he frequently uses profanities at allies and opponents alike. He rarely uses honourifics when speaking, and, even then, usually as a form of sarcasm, for example when he calls a Death Scythe "Death Scythe-chan". He is probably the only meiser who doesn't care about rank or Death Scythes, and openly declares his willingness to kill them around others when they have angered him. The only respect he ever seemed to give was to Death, and, even then, he is quite willing to use his name as an insult.

Interestingly however,he has expressed a notably mature and modest interest in marriage,often daydreaming about it,even though he doesn't like anyone.He is also quite fond of older person or thinking games,such as chess,checkers,any type of card game,dominos,and is actually quite good at them.He also seems to be capable of liking,befriending,and even loving somebody,as,by his permante records,seems to have once had a girl and boyfriend at one point who died for one reason or another,which drove Tetsu into depression during that time.Indeed,once someone actually manages to befriend,he reveals a much more kinder and gentler side and seems to become quite protective of that person.

He seems to view that 'promises should always be kept' as the DWMA saved him as a child,he promised to help them with whatever he can do,despite his rather horrible behavior.He also seems to perfer being around mature or much older people,as he seems to hold a rather large amount of respect towards the elderly.When it comes to love or dateing,he is rather unexperienced,which he admits,but he is openly and bluntly honest on such matters.Say,if he finds his date to be attractive,he will openly say they're beautiful,a word that rarely ever comes out of his mouth.

Likes: Mature people,quiet,mature games,fighting,sleeping

Dislikes: Loudness,being annoyed,stupid people,people who are arrogant

History: Tetsu was born in a small city in some state in America.Where?He doesn't know.What he DOES know is that he was born into a family of 7.His father was a small store owner who didn't make much,while his mother didn't work at all.In-fact,she was barely ever home.Of their five children,Tetsu was the only one related to his legitatment father.His mother was a member of a gang and she seemed to be their 'dumpster' in a sense and she loved it.Tetsu's brothers and sisters were just like her,much to his dismass,and often tried to bully him,which only resulted in bloody noses.
He the only education he actually recieved was at a 1st grade level.After that,the school closed down,with Tetsu barely able to read or write.Most of his time was then spent with his biological father at his shop.To him,it was his escape from his crappy life,where he can spend a nice time with his father.To get away from his siblings,his mother,and that acursed house.

However,life just loved to fuck with him......alot.One day while helping his dad at the store,gang members came by,looking for some entertainment.Among them was his mother.They threatened and joked on his father,who merely ignored the entire time.Almost.It wasn't until Tetsu's mother and his father's legitatment wife said her first insult that he had struck her,knocking her to the ground.Tetsu though he slapped her,but upon closer inspection revealed he was wrong.His father punched her.

Her 'friends' reacted quickly and pulled out their guns and fired.His father feel dead on the ground,the sight horrifying the young Tetsu.He ran from the shop and got on his bike and rode away.Rode away as fast as he can.Tears ran down his cheeks as he cryed,until his bike lost balance and feel,sending him towards the ground.It was the gang members in their car.They quickly got out,pocket knifes in hand,and they were upon him.They cut him virtually everywhere,the slices ranging from a inch to the entire blade.Blood levels lowering he slowly fell into darkness as the sound of police sirens,gun fire,and...blades slashing pierced the air before falling silent.

He woke up with a start and looked around frantically.He was......alive?He was alive!Oh,he hugged himself and almost began to cry until he felt something...new on his body.He got out of the hospital bed and looked at the window.In the mild reflection it made of him,he saw the damage.There were....scars everywhere,all around his body.He looked at himself in a mixture of both awe and mild horror.He turned as the door opened as four people stepped in.One was obviously a doctor but the others...seemed normal.The doctor,after getting down with formalities,explained that the people were from the DWMA and helped save his life,much to the young Tetsu's awe.He swore on the spot that he will join them as a gift for saving him.Though unsure,they agreed and made their way to Death City after Tetsu's recovery.There,he was given a apartment,which he eagerly took.Once there,he began...training.

Though having never learned a martial art,he was very skillful in street fighting and used it to his advantage.He trained his hands by sticking them into hot coal,resulting into their now hard state.Donning the new name of Tetsu,he set forth.

Other: He can barely read or write and his penminship is horrible.People believe it's just because he doesn't care,but in truth,he never adequately learned.

He wishes to kill his mother,her gang,and his siblings.

He has surprising raw speed and strength,able to match that of a grown,martial artist.
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PostSubject: Re: Tetsu    Sat May 17, 2014 3:35 am

Holy balls... Feel for this guy so much... I mean-... Why!? Anyways, he looks great.

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