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PostSubject: Ruby   Fri May 16, 2014 4:15 pm

Name: Ruby Rose

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Weapon: Kojimi Yumi

Appearance: Ruby is around 5'4 with pale skin. Her hair is dyed a deep red, almost black, and her eyes are a silvery grey. Her usual outfit consists of a pair of black boots with red soles and laces. She has a pair of black leggings topped by a black skirt with red frills, meant for mobility in combat. Her top has laces down the stomach and long, ruffled off sleeves. Her grey belt has 4 throwing knives, a clip on the back right where Kojimi attaches on missions, a pouch to carry supplies, and a silver rose-shaped pendant. Her most prominent feature is the red-hooded cloak that flows below her waist. It detaches from the outfit so that no matter what she wears she's never without it.

Personality: Ruby is generally happy and can usually be seen smiling. She doesn't normally hide her emotions, the exception being a crush, which she will outwardly deny for awhile. She believes that there are good monsters out there, but has yet to prove this theory. She will always give somebody a chance to justify their actions before attacking, but is not going to refuse the take down of someone she believes to be guilty of "crimes against the innocent". Having grown up around a group of grown men, she has a tendency to be vulgar at times, and even considers herself to act like "one of the guys". She does drink on occasion, and can hold alcohol. She cares greatly for the hunters she leads, doing anything in her power to keep them safe. She likes to hang around the campsite, bars, woods, and any other populated areas.

Likes: Cookies, Music, Seeing Types of Weapons, and The Bloodrose Hunters.

Dislikes: Killers, Perverts, Climbing, and Hunting.



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