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 Clara Alteri

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PostSubject: Clara Alteri   Wed May 14, 2014 10:04 pm

Name: Alteri, Clara

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Meister: Chrissy

Weapon Form:

Large Silver Claws made of hardened steel. They are pretty straight forward and attach to the meister's glove. The fun part is the silver feathers that attach to the user's arm, (like the picture). While they appear like soft feather's most of the time, when empowered by the meister's wavelength, they turn to the same steel as the claws. They can be used as more blades or shot as projectiles.

Love Interest: Jacques

Appearance: Clara is quite small but strong, looking very young. She has dark brown hair and rich green eyes. She has a small necklace given to her by her aunt. This is the one thing she always wears. She wears a formal jacket with a green striped tie. With this she wears a black miniskirt and doesn't prefer to wear any other clothes.

Personality: Clara is extremely broken. She is very sensitive and her past doesn't help. She will always be afraid of new people and is very confident with herself. She cannot look at herself in the mirror without crying and hiding. Clara is always terrified of new things and new people. She does not like groups and will not talk unless completely necessary. She is very ladylike and polite due to her vigorous training. Despite this she is very bright and fun if you get past the shell of her broken mind. She plays the guitar and sings but never admits this.

Likes: Guitar, Coffee, Studying

Dislikes: People, Herself, Her parents, Heights, Everything

History: Clara was born to two very greedy nobles. Clara was an only child and needed to fit the mold of her seemly perfect parents. Her father was a master soldier and athlete and Clara needed to match that. He would train her night and day, whipping and yelling at her if she didnt perform well enough. On the other hand her mother was a proper lady and genius. Clara needed to match this and her mother would lock her alone in a dark room if she did not perform well enough. Clara went through years and years of torture which eventually resulted in her suicidal nature. She eventually ran away to the DWMA to learn under the Grim Reaper.

Miscellaneous: All explained in bio

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PostSubject: Re: Clara Alteri   Thu May 15, 2014 6:23 pm

Kinda short,but approved.

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Clara Alteri
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