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 Alexis Jordan

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PostSubject: Alexis Jordan   Alexis Jordan Icon_minitimeSun May 11, 2014 9:08 pm

Alexis Jordan Anime-Girl-Face-Pen
Name: Alexis Jordan
Age: 14
Gender: Girl
Weapon Form:
Alexis Jordan LaCazadora-5-Misericorde
Misericorde; The name of this weapon derives from the Latin word for "act of mercy" as it was used in medieval times to deliver the death stroke to those that have been fatally wounded. It is a small weapon, easily concealed, and it's blade is small enough to fit through an eye socket or the gaps in plate armor.
Miester: N/A
Appearance: Alexis has light, chestnut brown hair and brown eyes. Her hair is in a short bob down to her chin and is completely straight. She has an awful habit of tapping or biting the ends of her pens, and she always has at least one with her. She typically wears knee-length, or sometimes shorter, skirts and various tops, usually blouses. Her weapon form is fairly plain, though it is longer than average and actually has two knives, connected by a chain. The blades appear to be steel.
Personality: She has a friendly, outgoing personality and aims only to be the best that she can be. Alexis hates failure, but will pick herself back up from it and continue to try to make things better any way that she can. Because tof this, she is known to continue to try to make something wrong even after it is long broken.  
Likes: Dedication, school, soccer, and drawing
Dislikes: giving up, wearing pants (rather than skirts), laziness
History: Alexis is the youngest of three children and the only weapon among them; both her brother and sister are meisters. Her mother was a weapon as well, and was quite proud to find that at least one of her children had the capability. Until she transformed the first time (after nearly falling out of her treehouse), she was just a normal student. Her parents did not expect her to have any abilities at all, so they pushed her to be the very best academically. Because of this, she has almost always been on the honor roll (usually A-B) and has shown to be very hardworking.
Other: She looks up to her siblings quite a bit, though they are both a good bit older than her and thus she does not see them often
Have you read the rules?
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PostSubject: Re: Alexis Jordan   Alexis Jordan Icon_minitimeSun May 11, 2014 9:45 pm

I don't see major problems here... approved!

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Alexis Jordan
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