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 Sinji Arswatt

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PostSubject: Sinji Arswatt   Sat May 10, 2014 11:32 pm


Name: Sinji Arswatt
Age: 14
Gender: Boy
Weapon: He carries around a tesla gun that shoots powerful bursts of electrical energy. If the trigger is held down it will travel to anyone nearby but will only sting them slightly and give them slight burns.

Appearance: Sinji is a small thin male with white hair, he s 5'3. He wears black jeans with no shoes. His skin occasionally glows blue with electricity, he has short hair that is always well kept. He has a innocent look to him that is actually a hoax. He is really a cruel person. In werewolf form he has brown fur and alot of electrical units and ec all over his body. In this form he is able to shoot extremely powerful bolts of electricity out of the coils on his back. It takes a while to charge ((1 post)) but it is effective. He can also make electricity course through his claws to increase the damage of them.

Personality: Ji is a very innocent, shy seeming boy on the outside. He has trouble speaking to others apparently and has a large sense of paranoia. He hates to go anywhere alone and often gets lost eaisly, though through all this he is not what he seems. He was born a killer and often will play pranks on people that turn out not to be pranks. He will brutally murder anyone just because he wants to nothing else jsut for fun. He likes to get int fights but people don't take him seriously which makes it easy to kill them. He will never not kill someone, and he will often stalk someone till he kills them if he had already planned to kill them. He is very curious though and will often not attack if he finds something about you cool. He will often hang around those he likes or thinks of as role models and will never back down from a good fight even if he is badly hurt.
-Cotton Candy
-Hot Coco
-Supposed accidents
-funny people
-evil people
-Death Games.
-Tesla Coils
-Being bossed around
-Loud noises
-Loud people
-People that talk too much
-New places
History: Sinji was born to a family of electrical powerplant engineers, so naturally he began to grow a intresting in electricity but what he liked the most was tesla coils. He would look up facts on tesla coils and occasionally music played by tesla coils. He also began to study the science of magnetism. By the age of ten he knew all that he could about what he wanted to learn. Sadly by that time his aprents had passed away due to a lab accident. He began to continue their work. being quite the young scientist in till one day he was knocked unconcious by something or one, he later awoke in a old building with no memory of his past. He stood up and scratched his head, he knew only his name, age and he still had his knowledge but anything else he didn't know. He sat up and began to walk off but then he began to notice something. Hecould see streams of electricity running through the ground and around him. He saw the electricty of phones and ipods, he was confused yet excited about this. He looked around for anything else and thats when he saw the tesla gun later named Wuffle. On it was a note saying "For you, Enjoy. Love Someone~" he then picked it up and could feel the immense power running through the weapon. He held it close against himself and walked off, what he did not know that was happening was that all around him there was lights shutting off and he was absorbing the energy.What he also didn't know was that it was four years since he had been knocked into a coma.  ((The story will continue in my first post as him, his personality is what he soon will become))
[tdThis allows him to pull any magnetic item towards him and mold it to what ever shape he wants it to be. [/td]
AbilitiesDescription# of souls needed
AbsorbHe is able to absorb electricity from all around him and use it to power himself. Makeing him move faster and feel stronger, he can also release all this energy with the next move.10
OverchargeThis allows him to release all the energy he has stored up into one powerful shockwave of electricity that covers the area of proximity around him.20
Electrical TravelHe is able to move through anything that has electricity running in it. He can get out of the line at anytime but can't go into the same line. 30
Absorb upgradeHe can now choose wether or not to absorb a item, this means he can absorb energy from phones and ect.40
Electro BallHe is able to shoot a large ball of electrcity out of his hand that has a large area of effect but takes up alot of his electricity50
Magnetic pullHe is able to pull metallic items towards him and mold them to what ever form he wants it to go as long as it will bend that way. He can also shoot them at fast speeds as projectiles60
DissembleHe is able to make anything that is metallic fall apart bit by bit, this is for things that are only metals and nothing else. This works for cars and shopping carts as well has support beams. But the process takes a long whhile to complete.70
Electrical boltsThis allows him to shoot bolts of electricity at targets that will cause major damage if not avoided. How to avoid is that when he is ready to fire his hands glow a very bright blue before it is let go. But it is really fast80
-He starts out with 10 souls.-
-He must force charge via electrical unit so everytime i do a attack it will be posted that he absorbs some electricity.-
-Now to explain the werewolf form: Thisform is quite unknown to him, when he became a kishin he was also experimented on with different shots one shot was made to give the user the power of a wolf but instead it turned him into a werewolf. Beeing a sort of electrical kishin the form was morphed to fit his needs. This form will only be released for now as a last resort he shall learn to control it sooner or later.-
-his vision of professional is fixing broken circuits and tending to the machines-
Resso stuff soul go lets
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PostSubject: Re: Sinji Arswatt   Sun May 11, 2014 1:04 am

Though I'm not fond of the child genius thing... you've explained enough to consider it limited knowledge.Approved Happy killing...

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Sinji Arswatt
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