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PostSubject: Mina   Tue Apr 22, 2014 10:32 am

Name: Sakuramina Tulu
Age: 15
Gender: Girl
Weapon: A soulless daito that she carries in a sheath.
Appearance: (Coming soon!)
Personality: Sakuramina, or Mina as she prefers because her name is so long, is a generally happy girl who doesn't back down. She tends to speak her mind and stand firm in her beliefs no matter what the cost. She isn't afraid of danger, so she tends to get into trouble sometimes. She believes heavily that ALL kishin eggs are evil and must be slain. She's highly untrusting of witches, no matter who they alliance with. She enjoys a fight, throwing her own safety to the wind and acting like a different person. The first time you see her transition to a fight you'd think she fell victim to madness, but that's just her way of having fun. She favors sea food over most other foods if given the option, particularly sushi.
Likes: Fighting, sweet or spicy foods, training, children, most music, most small animals, seafood.
Dislikes: Kishin Eggs, Witches, sour or bitter foods, staying still, bullies.
History: Mina grew up in a small town in japan. She was raised by her mother and her older sister. Her mother tried hard to take care of the two while her sister taught her martial arts from a young age. When Mina was ten her village was attacked by a man who claimed to be "the kishin". He was indeed only a lowly kishin egg, and was quickly defeated by Mina's older sister and her weapon partner. However he had taken a few casualties with him, one of which being their mother. From then on Mina had decided she would become a meister and defend others from suffering the same fate.
For the next four years Mina trained relentlessly, studying the art of wavelength manipulation for the last two. She trained up her signature ability "Ring Propulsion" but it still needs a lot of work. When she was 14 she surpassed her sister in hand to hand combat and swordplay, proving herself ready to become a meister. Her sister rewarded her with a daito (short katana-like blade) and a plane ticket to Death City on her birthday. Now, at 15 years old, Mina is on her way to new adventures at the DWMA.
•Ring Propulsion (Incomplete): Mina can force her wavelength to the end of a limb (IE: Hand or foot) and create a small (1ft in diameter) light blue circle that sends her flying away from the surface. It's mostly used to boost jumps and can be used on objects in mid air. She can use it to push off the ground, a wall, a tree branch, or even a falling piece of wood or metal. If she can touch it, she can boost off it. She's still training new ways to use or enhance it.

•Theme color:

•Her current fighting style consists of the use of quick movements, her daito, and her signature Ring Propulsion. Her personality change during a fight could potentially trick a foe into believing she's not a serious fighter.

Have you read the rules?
Let's go soul resonance!
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PostSubject: Re: Mina   Thu May 01, 2014 6:10 pm

I'm sorry I missed this. I generally go top down in my modding, in most sides that have been there longer, bottom apps are generally WIPs or long abandoned ones, etc.

Not sure on the ring boost myself. but everything else looks fine. That said admins have allowed werewolves so meh. It's slightly irksome it being so scrunched up, but again, not something worth unaproving it for, just something I would ask if there was a bigger issue as well.
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