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 Seven Scythes Of Sin

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PostSubject: Seven Scythes Of Sin   Thu May 08, 2014 12:57 am

Name: Seven Scythes Of Sin

Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to prove that Scythes are the greatest weapon around. The members of this group have been known to be from all over. So they've basically come together, and fought for generations to determine the strongest Scythes in existence.

Leader: Envy The Lost Artist

The organization currently sets their base near the outskirts of Death city. This base in question has been known to be a castle crafted of a illuminated blue crystal. It sits atop a mountain, and somehow resides inside the mountain as well.

Long ago when the first Scythe had been created the founders of this group came together. Each of them wanting only a single goal in life. To prove their weapon partner had what it took to defeat all others in the way. As so a challenge had been issued, and this issue soon began war. War over the title's of many. War that wanted only one winner. The winner of being named the strongest,greatest, and best scythe in the land. However this battle ended in a 7 way tie between the last remaining warriors. Each had been deemed a name after the Seven Deadly sins as well. Envy,Lust,Vanity,Sloth,Gluttony,Wrath, and Greed. However the tie were soon broken as they all fell at the hands of themselves. Guilt of the tie filled them all, and so their lives were ended.

Now the members of this group have named a new Seven Deadly sins to represent then in upcoming battles to come. Fore now the many warriors of scythe were United under the reign of these seven. They now worked as mercenaries, and villains of every sort. Although some have actually been known to be fairly good in all ways.

~Mesiters with Scythe weapons .
~Weapons must be Scythes.
~ Willingly to compete in the faction mission spars.
* The Weapons named after the Seven Deadly Sins are first come first served.
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Seven Scythes Of Sin
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