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 Schizo Rite

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Rebellious Nurse Crotic

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PostSubject: Schizo Rite    Mon May 05, 2014 7:27 pm

Name: Schizo, Rite Schizo
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Weapon Form: He is a cannon that his fairly light and has no recoil. It can rapid fire it's shots and the cannon balls have the explosive power of a normal cannon ball and will be upgraded the more souls he gets. The cannons wheels can also go into multiple directions if wanted and doesn't need to be turned to move to the side. The cannon can be taken off the wheel if it is needed, his cannon balls can change it's blast damage whenever it is wanted and by this i mean downgraded for jobs like opening a door or simply makeing cherry bomb like explosions. When in human form he can make one hand become a cannon and can make his feet turn into wheels, the hand cannon has the blast power of a firework except a bit more. The recoil to the cannon is fairly strong but it comes with straps that you can pin to the ground to make it hacve less recoil.

Miester: N/A

Appearance: Schizo facial features is already seen so no need to list that. He is fairly white butnot what you would call pale, for his casual he wears the jackets seen in the picture, nazy blue jeans and black shoes. When he is in school he is normally seen in a military outfit. All the time even without the military outfit he carries two flags with the Great Britain symbols on both of them. The poles of the flags are metal with a flat bottom to them, they are fairly light to him because he is jsut strong to some they are heavy.

Personality: Schizo is a pretty laid back kind guy, he is very polite never wanting to be in a argument with other people. He will fight if they are a kishin or witch or dark weapon but not others who are a meister or simple weapon. He respects everyone's choices wether they are bad or not and will die for his freinds if it is needed to be so. He is crazy loyal to his old land and home Great Britain even though he was born and raised in death city by his aprents who left Great Britain. He likes to colelct fireflies and butterflies and always carries atleast one jar full fo fireflies with him at all times. He likes to give other people what they want even if that means pandering them but if what they want is to serious or to bad he will not do it. He will not hesitate to kill anyone who tries to either harm him or harm one of his firiends. He of course speaks in a very thick british accent.

-Great Britain-
-His Flags-
-Being a gentleman-

-Other people hurting his friends-
-People hurting him-
-People that think of others as lesser-
-Loud Noises-
-Rude people-
-Men who disrespect women-

History: Born in death city by two british weapons who moved from Great Britain to wrok for the DMWA as teachers. Schizo was known to be a weapon by his parents and they helped him train to become a great fighter, though Schizo really just prefered to read boojks about Great Britain. It had always been his dream to go back to were he was supposed to really be, his home. He then began to take up the talent of singing, his parents disliked this but they guessed he should be able to do it. They continued to practice till one day his parents went on a mission and didn't come back for a year. Schizo stayed in the house waiting and waiting but they didn't come no matter how much he waited. He then went out into the real world for the first time and he felt lonely, rejected and sometimes disconnected. So he sang his heart out, singing the onlything that made him feel good and not sad, he then took up the act of street performing to make money before getting a invitation to the DMWA. He ignored it for he was just simply programmed to sing he thought then one day he decided to go to the DMWA but he thought his normal clothing would make him look as if he didn't care. So he put on a outfit of the British military and went to the DMWA to join. He still lives in his parents house though now he pays for it by working at a CAFE, being a street preformer and also a construction worker.

Other: -Speaks in a british accent-
-Sings his emotions on occasions-
-Street preformer-
-He normally carries around two indian sabers with him, from his grandfather-
Have you read the rules?
Lets go soul resajdfnajwfnjkf

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PostSubject: Re: Schizo Rite    Tue May 06, 2014 4:34 pm

My main concern is the cannon.No recoil,rapid fire,etc.Sorry but that is kinda OP,please nerf it somehow.

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Schizo Rite
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