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 Gaffey Patches (DONE)

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PostSubject: Gaffey Patches (DONE)   Sat May 03, 2014 11:59 pm

Name: Gaffey, Patches
Age: 17
Gender: Boy
Weapon: N/A

Appearance: Gaffey is a tall slim seventeen year old boy, he has fairly tan skin but not that tan. His height is 6'2 and he has a medium build from all the climbing and running he does, his voice sounds like he is in perminate song sweet like honey. His eyes are a jet black color with a shine to them, they have a glow of hapiness to them all the time. Gaffey's hair is not really well kept but no all over the palce, it hangs down low and even covers his eyes are times, hair sticks up all over the place it is also jet black too. Now to clothing, Gaffey wears a white dress shirt along with a large over coat that is black, it sorta is like a trench coat except more fancy yet also more mobile. He wears a darker shade of black pants alogn with black dress shoes that are occasionally repalced with steel toed combat boots. On his right hand he wears a white glove with the fingers on and it covers up his wrist with it's length. Gaffey also has a top hat with a red ribbon aroudn the bas and a red bow tie. Gaffey useally always wears a calm and collective smile or jsut a goofey silly one.

Personality: Gaffey is a loveable fool, he is quite clumsy and always loves a good laugh. He will try to strike conversation even in the middle of battle and always enjoys a nice chat with someoen that is threatening to kill him. He is hardly afraid of what life will throw at him and faces it with open arms. He will never not accept a hug and is friendly even to kishin that seem to be nice. Though seen as a fool Gaffey is really smart, he took a class of early college and already has a two year degree. He can be a very stragetic person when the time is needed and will fight if it is needed also, though he hates getting his hands dirty. Gaffey sorta has a war in his mind, he is in constant pain emotionally and will occasionally have random headaches and will talk to himself when he is alone, cause after all someone that is all happy and giggles has atleast one major problem. Gaffey has taken up a love for the paino and playing different other musical instruments he will even sing when he is on his own or thinks he is. He is a wonderful partner to keep around when times are going rough, he does have combat training too, his uncle tought him many different fighting styles and also Gaffey learned every pressure point in the human body.

Likes: Gaffey likes many things, he loves watching the sun set in thew afternoon or simply reading a nice book. He lieks makeing friends and absolutely loves cookies. He also lieks his top hat and bow tie and will never go anywhere without them. He likes it when other people laught at somethign he did or are jsut plain on kind. He even likes kishin eggs and kishin because he finds them very intresting and cool.

Dislikes: Gaffey dislikes it when other people cry, he dislikes it when he feels he ahs failed someone. A small dislike with him is sexual contact he is a fairly shy guy when it comes to this and will often freeze up. He dislikes beign yeleld at for being hismelf and bullies. He thinks it is completely stupid when other people fight over a someoen they love and he hates it when people say he is stupid when he really is not

History: Gaffey lived as a young boy with his uncle known as S.D. he loved his uncel and he was glad to live with him. His mother and father passed away when he was two years old from a unknown cause some say they were murdered he is still trying to find out. His uncle took him in and raised him as his own. This meaned he did constant work around the house, he never got a break when he was not working he was trainign with his uncle. His uncle tought him how to maneuver in battle and ect. His uncle used to be a meister and wanted Gaffey to try his best to becoem one as well, his uncle was very proud of his progress. Gaffey was given breaks the more faster he did work he would clean the whole house in a few minutes train then rest. He took up the hobby of singing and at the age of fourteen learned all his uncle could teach him. He then went on to early college to get a two years degree so that he would be able to get a free education. Then he got the news of his uncles death, he was killed by a witch with a thirst for revenge agaisnt him. Gaffey was devastated and couldn't go back to his uncles hoem and stay so he took all his old stuff along with a suit of his uncles and ran off. He then lived on the streets of death city scavenging for whatever he could, he got a job at a food market and loved his job because he got to see other people. He then decided one day that he was going to try out for the DMWA so he did and he surpriseingly made it into the DMWA. From then on he continued his duties, he worked day and night shifts but also took time to train and study in the DMWA he would work and work till he could no longer work anymore. His mind slowly began to go into a state where it was constantly stressed with stuff and he broke one day. He didn't remember what happened after he broke but he found out he had gotten fired from his job, jobless and starting to get hungry he looked for another job. This tiem he found a job as a CAFE worker and there he worked only a night shift, he became less stressed and became mroe calmed and relaxed. He still studied hard and trained hard hopeing one day he would find a weapon but he never stressed himself and always stopped when he felt to tired. He now lives in a ally way at the very end of it in a dead end, he has a radio and a hammock and thats all he really needs he thinks.

Other: He knows some spanish and italian
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PostSubject: Re: Gaffey Patches (DONE)   Sun May 04, 2014 1:10 am

Woo! Gaffey is home!~


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Gaffey Patches (DONE)
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