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  Experiment 1996-21 (Gaea)

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PostSubject: Experiment 1996-21 (Gaea)   Sat Apr 19, 2014 11:46 pm

Gender: Female

Age: Around 17, but not known for sure.

Weapon: N/A

Love Interest: N/A

Appearance:  Gaea is around 5'3", has light skin, blonde hair, and red eyes. Without her cybernetics, she is rather small, with no legs and right arm. Her clothes vary on day to day, but likes to wear overalls most of the time. Her hair is long, going around to her lower back. On top of her head are her cybernetic ears that look like cat ears, which she can move freely.

Personality: Gaea is not much of a talker when meeting new people, and prefers to keep her mouth shut unless she is good friends with a person. She makes friends really easy and will usually consider most people she meets a friend because she is very outgoing person and loves meeting new people. She is highly curious, and is always exploring. She is pretty smart, though she would be smarter if she studied more. Gaea hates seafood, including the smell, and will usually just walk off. When she can't escape, though, she will start being over dramatic, with gagging, pacing, making gross gestured, and banging her head on the wall.

Likes: Cyborgs, robotic parts, mechanics, exploring, eating, learning new stuff, Steak, pizza, most food, adventure, and adult stuff.

Dislikes: Restrictions, her body parts not working, blue screens, and all sea food.

History: Everything before Gaea turned ten is unknown, even to her. All she knows is that she had a mom and a dad, and that they died in a car crash. The same car crash that gave Gaea an incredible case of amnesia, not even remembering her name or her parents. She was taken into a lab, where most of her body was replaced with cybernetic body parts, making her a cyborg. After that, she grew up in the lab, pretty much relearning everything. When Gaea questioned about the crash, she was surprised that they told her the whole truth, but she doesn't talk about it with people she is not close with. They programmed her with the skills of a decent martial artist, and she can use pretty much any weapon she wants. So, when they celebrated her "17th birthday", they said that she can go to the DWMA and be a meister.

Cybernetic parts:
Right eye, vocal cords, ears (they act like a cat's ears, and move depending on her mood, like a cat or dog), right arm, some internal organs, and both of her legs.
Her arm is calibrated to lift 150 lbs, and her legs can hold a combine total of 350 lbs.
Her right eye can connect to the internet. Though she can't see out of it no more, she can surf the web. She can't play games, and has windows 7. She uses it to watch what she calls "alone time". Basically, she is a perv.

Alright, let's go. Soul resonance!
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PostSubject: Re: Experiment 1996-21 (Gaea)   Tue Apr 22, 2014 5:49 pm

Approved Jt ^.^
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Experiment 1996-21 (Gaea)
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