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 Tajiri, Satoshi

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PostSubject: Tajiri, Satoshi    Sat Apr 19, 2014 11:31 pm

Life can be wonderful or downright cruel. It's truly a gamble.


Name: Tajiri, Satoshi
Age: Seventeen
Date of Birth 05/15
Gender: Male
Weapon: N/A


I-I'm not blushing!

Weight:170 lbs

Satoshi is one to not put too much thought in how he looks. At times, someone may even be able to catch him roaming around in his pjs, or even a pink robe. It's not that he doesn't enjoy dressing up, but really more he doesn't care to dress into normal wear at times, like if he just woke up. However, it's not too hard to find him wearing formal wear, such as the times when he's attending school. Though, we'll get to that later. As for facial features, the male has a normal sized heart shaped head, somewhat puffy cheeks, a small, and sort of pointy nose, medium sized, round eyes, thin eyebrows and natural olive colored skin. Satoshi also has extremely dark brown eyes, which are usually found staring at a book, or manga, and if not there, they're drooping like the eyes of an old bloodhound. It's not very attractive, especially when he glares at someone as if they committed murder, but it goes along with his usual frown and uncombed hair. It's funny though; the male is most likely imagined as small and scrawny, when he's actually quite fit-- not to the point of muscular development, but still...he ain't stick skinny.

Clothing wise, you can find Satoshi wearing just about anything. Such as, during the nightfall, he wears his white sleeveless tee and rubber duck covered shorts. Though, this doesn't mean he always appears goofy! He's actually quite normal, but it's just that during some days, he doesn't feel too motivated to get dressed up. Still, usually he wears his white collared up shirt, black tie, black pants and black shoes for academy work and business, but anything doing with hanging out or missions consist of Blue hoodies and beige cargo pants, along with some white sneakers. Of course he wears other outfit at times, but that is his general wear for his outings, not counting his rubber duck covered shorts that he wears for pjs.


I-I...I miss the hugs of m-my little sister at times...

Satoshi is a kind yet dark soul; one to not care for people too much, but in secret only pretend to ignore them to avoid hurt. He honestly doesn't avoid people, nor does he hate people, but he simply doesn't get close to someone easily. It takes time to get to know him, mostly because he built walls around him, trying to avoid the heartache of losing someone again. Though, he doesn't act cold to show this, but neutral. Satoshi isn't one to just be plain happy or blunt to someone, but just alright. Still, he doesn't tend to reveal anything about himself too much, unless pressured into it, and even when he is, he isn't too happy about it.

The guy is secretly always depressed, lost even. He's unsure of his exact purpose anymore. Yes he wants to kill kishin eggs, save lives, and become the hero he's meant to be, but even that doesn't fill the empty void he feels in his heart. He wants something more--love maybe. No, it can't be that. Ever since the death of his parents, he has hated--no, despised love, yet for some reason it seems as if that's the solution to the problem he's feeling, but he chooses to not accept it. Instead, he roams around, avoiding any chance of love with others; he only builds friendships, if the person can be trusted enough. It may be because of his sister, but even if it was, he doesn't want to admit or even try to blame her death for anything. In his eyes, she was a perfect little angel, and she didn't deserve the death that came upon her. In other words, Satoshi can't let go of her for a moment. Not even a single memory. It hurts him at times when he has random out bursts at people, mostly caused when they bring up the topic of his sister or just simply his past, but for some reason he's blinded by the sheer thought that her death was a mistake on god's fault. A small mistake that cost a huge price.


  • Memories of his little sister, KirinoTajiri
  • Being alone with a manga or book
  • Sleeping
  • Staying home from school and work.
  • Singing
  • Watching video tapes of his sister before she died.


  • People who diss him for visiting his sister's grave.
  • Love
  • Life
  • People trying to figure out his life history.
  • Rap music


I was always told to not cry, but for some reason, I can't hide these tears anymore.

Life. It's such a short period, and can be ended it a second. Sadly, Satoshi had to learn the cruel fact of how short life truly is by the age of 10, when his parents died in a car crash. He wasn't the only one to feel pain though, his little 8 year old sister, who was struggling with cancer, felt this burden as well. The poor girl thought it was her own fault as well, since the parents were out to get her medicine. Yes, the two were left alone at an early age, but luckily their aunt was there to take care of them until Satoshi could get a job of his own. Still, even then the aunt was always out and about, trying to provide for the two, which left the young siblings to be left alone in the house all day, while their aunt was working. The 3 managed, yes, but they didn't live as comfortably as they were used to, and  they lost some closeness with their aunt, but that was the price for the luck they were given.

When Satoshi turned 14, his sister was hospitalized, forced to stay in hospital at all times. This was horrible for him, since he could only visit her at times, and this cost of having her in the hospital was unbelievable. Even his aunt couldn't pay for it anymore with her 3 shifts, so eventually the 14 year old boy had to get a job of his own, working at various stores while attending a local middle school. Money was tough, and his grades suffered greatly, but through all of this, his little sister gave him life. During those few moments he would spend at her hospital room, the two would have the best time ever. They would talk about the latest manga, which Satoshi would soon deliver to Kirino, and they even listen to music together. Actually, Kirino's biggest dream was to be a well known singer, much like their mother, and so  during Satoshi's dailey visits, she would sing for him. Some days it would be a rock song, others it would be a pop song. All he knew was that it was going to be something different than before.

By the age of 16, Kirino died in Satoshi's arms during one of his visits. The sister knew that was going to be the day of her death, so she spent the whole day smiling, laughing, and just being gleeful. She wanted to spend her last moments complete--happy. So, when she felt the hands of death clutching her heart, her final words were, "Today I've been laughing like I used to--before mother and father's death, and I've been smiling like the meaning of death is nonexistent.... Please, big brother, do what I've done today. Continue to act happy and never let sadness take over... Heh, I kind of sound like those sappy characters in a manga before they die..." After hearing that, Satoshi vowed to never forget her. To never forget the presents of his sister, and what she has done to make the world as it is. He would always remember her--no matter what. Every moment they spent together as siblings will be cherished forever in his mind, giving him strength for any situation he faces. 

Now, at the age of 17 he attends the DWMA, searching for a new meaning of life. He thought there he could find the happiness Kirino felt on her death bed. The happiness he has only witness, and only felt back when he was with his sister. Though, he knows he can feel glimpses of this magical feeling whenever he sings. It allows him to remember her once more.  

Have you read the rules?
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PostSubject: Re: Tajiri, Satoshi    Tue Apr 22, 2014 2:26 am

Sure, I may have cried a little bit reading this... but you can't prove a thing!

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Tajiri, Satoshi
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