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 Adriana Prim Rosie

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PostSubject: Adriana Prim Rosie   Sat Apr 26, 2014 12:51 am

Name: Adriana Prim Rosie

Age: 17

Gender: Girl

Weapon: Kotori

Appearance: Adriana is around 5 feet 6 inches with dark red hair, going down to her mid back, though has a bright sheen to it. Adri sports rather light skin, and has about an average build for someone around her age, though has some pretty good endurance. Her arms are a bit long, with her right being longer, due to her years of playing the Trombone.

Adri's clothes will vary from day to day, but mainly consist of some sort of long pants and sweater. Most of them, however, are torn up, or lazily patched up. All of her clothing is like this, and she doesn't own anything fancy due to her upbringing. Her favorite sweater is a black one, and will stalking net like arm warmers.

Personality: Adriana is very quiet and kept to her self, though she does try to be a good person. She is a kind person, and likes to say hi, she is by no means a leader, unless she has to be. Otherwise, she is content with following others, and will be happy with that.

However, this is her outside personality. She is really a frail girl and is a nervous wreck. She lives in constant fear, as anyone could shove one of her fears right at her face. When it gets to be bad, Adriana will crack under the pressure, going a bit irrational. Even more will drive her to the point of tears, and may even try to do anything to stop it. To the things she can't control, she locks herself in her room, and refuses to let herself out.

Likes: Games, studying, reading, Hockey (Even if she doesn't understand it), Hot dishes.

Dislikes: Things affecting her fears, Toads (They are people who met witches), Quick Sand, Pop quizzes (Better chance of failing), Bikini's (Will attract a lot of boys).

History: Adriana grew up in Rural Minnesota, and lived a rather peaceful life for the first several years. She lived in a small neighborhood, nothing really too special. Few kids, but nothing too fast. It was also obvious that she didn't like having a lot friends over, so her parents were worry, but figured that during preschool, everything would get better.

First day of preschool didn't last long, as Adriana threw a huge tantrum. It started out with her complaining about her head hurting, and having a tummy ache, though she was feeling well earlier, so the teacher paid no mind. When they all gathered in a circle after 8 minutes of playing, though, that's when it started. With everyone so close to her, and right by her, Adriana just couldn't handle all of the people around her.

There was screaming, crying, yelling, lots of tears, pounding of the ground, refusing to do anything, panic, and finally, Adriana screamed herself to exhaustion and fell asleep. Taking her to a psychologist, and about 2 years of talking with her and experimenting with her, they found out about her four fears. After this, Adriana had a more interesting life.

She was passed around a lot from place to place, always fearful about what would happen if she disappointed her caretaker at the time, which she usually did. Until she came to a great uncle named Joe. Joe was an ex-meister of the DWMA at the time Adriana reached her at the age of 14. And the next two years were spent learning some fighting techniques from him. Though, that ended at his death about a year later, where she was passed around again.

When she reached her mother and father again, she was crushed to find that her parents had pretty much replaced her with a younger brother, and they refer to her as the broken one. And this kept up for about a year until she was close to reaching 17, when she decided to go and be a meister. Accept she had no financial aid....Except for an Aunt who decided to help pay for a cheap house and pay for the rent for her....And there she is today with her lovable young weapon, Kotori.



Kakorrhaphiophobia- Fear of failure or defeat: This is major things, like failing a test or disappointing a close friend or a loved one. She will get very hysterical, and will usually end up in the corner in the fetal position, whispering inaudible gibberish.

Ochlophobia- Fear of crowds or mobs: When the group starts getting larger, she starts getting blurrier vision, and betting a bit hysterical. If she is in a large crowd to long, she will faint.

Taphophobia- Fear of being buried alive: Not much else to say here. She does prefer more open spaces, though, because of this.

Wiccaphobia: Fear of witches and witchcraft: When she sees a witch or something witch related, she start to have a panic attack. With an actual witch, though, she will have an all out panic attack, and not be able to do anything.

Adriana has very limited fighting knowledge, but has enough to at least keep her alive for a while.

Her room is usually messy, with books and whatever clothes she has just laying down. Laundry day comes when she has nothing else to wear, and will usually just wear a bath robe or something.

Tends to only go out when needed to, or when dragged out by Kotori.

Have you read the rules?

Okay, let's do this. Soul Resonance!

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PostSubject: Re: Adriana Prim Rosie   Sat Apr 26, 2014 11:32 am

Approved,pretty interesting character .
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PostSubject: Re: Adriana Prim Rosie   Mon Aug 04, 2014 7:03 pm

I have moved this character to work on. Will be subjected to re-approval.

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PostSubject: Re: Adriana Prim Rosie   

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Adriana Prim Rosie
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