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 Chase daniels.

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PostSubject: Chase daniels.   Chase daniels. Icon_minitimeSat Apr 26, 2014 12:42 am

Chase daniels. Piers.Nivans.full.1313342

Name: Chase, daniels.
Age: 27
Gender: Man
Weapon Form: Diablo tactical pistol. Chase daniels. P270B_Diablo_Tactical_Zpat
Miester: John marston.
Appearance: Chase daniels. Piers.Nivans.full.1313342
Chase is very fit, he sports blond hair and piercing green eyes. He can wear farly causualy jackets when not out on a mission but wears matching stealth gear with john when he is. He weighs one hundred and seventy pounds, most of it musle. A blood type.
Personality: He is very kind, especially to children. Chase isn't as green as you would expect him to be. He isn't a hardened veteran like john, but he is very smart and courageous. He sometimes does not agree with his mentors mentality and will even go against him if he knows it’s the right thing to do. He has rock solid morals and devotion to his country. However women can tie him into a snot at a snap of their fingers, he is very weak in that aspect.
Likes: Pets, john, his family, America, good food.
Dislikes: Kieshen, witches, dictators, know it all's, people who break the rules and traitors.
History: Chase was born in Washington dc. Early in his life he was a history buff. Reading up on all the battles instilled him with a sense of patriotism. His family didn't have much money to go around. He has a little sister, ( 15 ) and an older brother. ( 28 ) His father walked out on them when he was eight and he always resented him for it. Not like he'd ever see him again, his heart stopped a year later. They struggled to support themselves, and it a time of weakness john fell prey to drugs. This broke his mothers heart, and when he was fifteen he vowed to get his life back together! So he studied hard, made the honor roll and got a scholarship to the finest military institution in the nation. He was going to become a soldier, a leader! He enlisted in the military and briefly fought in Iraq, after seeing the horrors of combat he didn't renew his employment. One day while he was walking to his job as a waiter he crossed a bum on the street. A veteran by the look of him. So he sat down, they talked. Turns out the mans name was john Marston, and he was unemployed. But chase had a brilliant idea, john would sign on with a pmc. Chase knew his way around them, and a recommendation from his would carry a lot of weight. That's when the man said. " You wouldn't happen to be a weapon by chance would you? " To which chase blushed and admitted he was a pistol. John asked if chase would sign on with him. Chase without thinking agreed, it seemed like the right thing to do you know? So they enlisted, and one day a few years down the line john convinced two dozen soldiers to steal supplies and go rouge. Chase followed him having got attached to his meister, and when john said he was going to be a teacher at the school then chase signed up as his assistant. The two were inseparable.
Other: N/A
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PostSubject: Re: Chase daniels.   Chase daniels. Icon_minitimeSun May 04, 2014 9:03 pm

This app is temporarily suspended until the flood of aps are resolved.It will not be graded until then.
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Chase daniels.
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