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PostSubject: Reviving   Wed Aug 12, 2015 4:48 pm

So we need a site plot to encourage more posting etc, etc, but we also have 22+ abandoned acconuts. I would rather not be an addition to that list and I'd rather not see one of you become part of that list. So I'll start a site plot, I myself won't really be participating in the actual "games" since I'll be "masterminding" but everyone else can put in two characters of their choosing. The two can be in the same plot thread or in two different ones, but they cannot be swapped out with different characters unless they somehow die. The plot will be started off in a non combat socializing thread, which will later branch off into others if people are interested in continuing at all. Sign up your two characters here, before the Thirtieth of this month.

Side Note: If there's anything in specific you want to torment your character with, include it with your sign up too.
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