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 Li (the sniper)

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PostSubject: Li (the sniper)   Fri Apr 25, 2014 6:11 pm

[img]Insert Picture here then remove the * from the code.[*/img]
Name: Li

Age: 24

Gender: boy

Weapon Form: Berreta Mrad sniper rifle

Miester: N/A

Appearance:He has medium length black hair. He has Red eyes that when in a fight look terrifying but for some reason when he smiles they look beautiful. He has tanish skin with a Blue dragon tattoo on his right arm. (which is the dragon mark on his rifle form). He is 6 ft tall and weighs 210 LB's. He usually wears a black TShirt under a Winter camouflage jacket with a pair of winter camouflage cargo jeans and will every once in a while wear dark shades. In weapon form he has a silencer tip with a winter camouflage covering the whole gun. He also has a Bayonet at the end of it. The blade is around 9 inches long. He also has a Blue dragon design on the right side of the gun. He also has a small but power mic on his scope just above the end of it.

Personality: He is kind and loving But always has a poker face. He never shows his feeling unless he has to for the situation. He will try to help others and fighting isn't something he will do every day.He will fight if he thinks he needs to or if its all he can do for the situation. He doesn't care about witches or kishin just as long as they are not his targets. He is a Merc. He listens to music a lot mostly and its a variety of music. He loves to sit back and listen and watch situations to get info before he interferes, that's even if he interferes. His eye sight and hearing is out of the ordinary and is better then most peoples being able to hear from blocks away or even through walls and his sight (being that his right eye turning to scope) can see up to miles away.

Likes: Music, Friends, Love from others, and likes to hang out and maybe even play guitar for them.

Dislikes:Abuse in any way, Unfair fights, Calling names, insulting in any way. Loud noises hurt his ears but don't affect his fighting.

History:Li was born into a mercenary family who were gone a lot but always came home with a smile and hugging him. they even sometimes brought back souvenirs for him. they always took holidays and his B day off for him. His dad being the weapon would teach him all the things he needs to know about his form and how to use the bayonet separate from the rifle. While his mother taught him how to fight with his hands. they would always say, "never fight a fight that you cant win unless you have to". But when he was 12 there was a day that they never came home. it was a day later that a family friend came by and told him what happened. Everything of theirs was left to him. He uses the study in his house to keep upon his knowledge. He is rich and owns a lot of stuff but if he has to he will give it all up for love. He currently lives in his mansion that his parents used to own and now is a mercenary doing some work now and then.

Other: Coolness

Have you read the rules?
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PostSubject: Re: Li (the sniper)   Fri Apr 25, 2014 6:51 pm

The character looks interesting and generally a pretty new concept to this site. Mercenaries! Go forth! Go kill, but only hit the target! >.>

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Li (the sniper)
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