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 Kwandrivia: Action Roleplay Forum

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PostSubject: Kwandrivia: Action Roleplay Forum   Sun Jun 28, 2015 11:49 am

Kwandrivia is a roleplay forum that lets you take your own original character, with thier own abilities, weapons and being and place them into a world that allows them to grow, explore, fight and have fun in.


Forge Your Own Path
-On Kwandrivia, you are your own master.
-Do anything, anywhere, roleplay how you want to. There's no pesky stats or ability templates
-There's no silly ability restrictions and no one saying you can't have shinigami powers and the sharingan plus a bijou.
-Rank up through 8 distinct ranks each with thier own perks.
-Lead your own village, city, kingdom, and even an entire nation.
-Learn aspects which are kingdom unique abilities and weapons specific to the nation they are from
-travel through a diverse, hand crafted unique world, go from the futuristic Dominion Federation, all the way to the Jungles where a animalistic society lives all the way to the steampunk island nation.

A Friendly and Caring Staff
-Our staff are always there to help and support you
-we are always updating the forum to make it always better
-the community are all there to provide the best support they can.

Events and Stories
-Kwandrivia has Major Events and Stories tailored to the world and it;s people.
-World changing events and disasters affect the map and the very nations that fill it.
-Become an antagonist, do the bad stuff, aid the major villains.
-Be a hero fighting the villain, or aid the villain in their ultimate goals.
-Kingdoms are always expanding and causing war, partake in major wars.
-Take part in Missions or hunt bounties placed upon heads.

Join a Community
-Kwandrivia is more than just a roleplay forum, we are a community.
-Enjoy the OOC Liquid Lounge where all things anime, games and life can be talked about.
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Kwandrivia: Action Roleplay Forum
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