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 Kande Twintail (WIP, kinda)

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PostSubject: Kande Twintail (WIP, kinda)   Kande Twintail (WIP, kinda) Icon_minitimeThu Jun 11, 2015 1:31 pm

Name: Kande Twintail

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Animal Form: Tabby Cat (has two tails, thus her namesake TwinTail)

Weapon: N/A


Physical Appearance:

She has long golden blonde hair that reaches down to her butt, sparkling sea blue eyes (like the waters in Mexico, aqua almost turquoise). she has pale, maybe slightly tanned skin, that is silky smooth to the touch. She has large breasts coming in at 36DD and a moderate sized butt that she considers too small in contrast to her breasts. She has a curvy body, more then most at her age but she generally tries to hide themShe is short coming in at 4’9” but she is still young and hopes to grow more. Her unique physical attribute is that she is a Cat Girl, she has her animal form’s tabby ears and two tails

Clothing: (its going to be slightly shorter than normal, sorry)
She like to wear long summer dresses when she is alone, but she is kind of shy when she is seen by anyone by her closest friends in them because of the cleavage her dresses show. When she is in public she wears jeans and a hoodie with her tails tied and her ears under a headband to try and blend in and hide her slender frame.


She has a happy go lucky personality with people that she trusts, but with people she doesn’t know she is very suspicious and scared, she has a hard time making friends because of this. She spends her free time with her cats and she also sometimes hangs out with her friends. She is very forgiving during combat which could work to her downfall, but be warned if you hurt her friends or her cats she will kill you without remorse.

Likes: Cats (duh), Fish, sleeping and cute girls

Dislikes: Water, the cold, dark colors, men, being looked down upon, being alone and having her ears and tail seen in public.

History: What shaped your character’s life?

Spells: (and yes, having only two spells was intentional, I want less spells at first and more as she goes along, makes my life easier)

Shadow Spike: she summons a spike from the shadows that stabs her target, as she obtains more souls her spikes become larger and she can summon more of them, she can currently only summon one and it is no bigger then a butter knife, but it still can hurt her enemies

Shadow Meld: once per thread she can use this spell to become temporarily invulnerable (I.e. things pass through her) for two posts. When she has more souls I can increase the time or the amount. (although this will be like her ultimate powers, so just duration increase?)


-she is lesbian

-she has two pet cats both tabby’s, named nina and pinta, she can communicate with them because she is a neko (I.e. Catgirl)

Have you read the rules?
Do I even need to answer?
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Kande Twintail (WIP, kinda)
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