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 Warriors Of Nature

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PostSubject: Warriors Of Nature   Tue May 26, 2015 3:50 pm

Warriors of nature forum<~Link

The universe where animals reign supreme: Terrawon.
Terrawon has many lands and terrains, making It possible for the different types of animals to interact.

For centuries Terrawon and it's lands were at peace, there were no wars, no fights over territory, just peace. 

Until the rise of Kořol of the shadows.

Kořol was a greedy wolf, living in the northern lands, he was sick of his pitiful life and decided that he deserved more, and he created a band of rogues that believed the same thing. Slowly but surely Kořol built his army, conquering the northern lands, and soon his greed made him set off towards the other lands.

Over hundreds of years of peace was shattered as warmly raged through the lands, there was many deaths, animals betraying their own for power, the rise of tyrants and thieves. There seemed as if there was no end to the blood baths and chaos. When Kořol of the shadows finally died of old age the bloodshed and chaos stopped, but the wolves continued to rule with a brutal monarchy, they are allied with other canines of the lands, who are usually spies.

Many hate being under the oppression of the wolves, but so many are afraid to stand up to the tyrants from the north. The wolves are currently ruled by a grey wolf named Ronnilus Rex, he's very sly and ruthless to those who apose him. 

He has a tax on those that live above the southern lands, because those in the southern lands provide his army with metal, so he leaves the south be, but most of the bad natured soliders like to blunder and torment little towns for selfish reasons, which is why most oppose wolf rule.

Of course there are wolves that aren't part of the army,but even they get the evil eye from most wolf haters.

The bad soliders do what they want to the small villages, some can't afford the taxes, and the wolves ration out goods, and some of the bad wolves purposely keep supplies from villages.

Many hate being under the oppression of the wolves, but only few are willing to rebel, the era of the rebels is arising, will your character join the rebels? 

In a mystical universe animals reign supreme, will you become a farmer? Royalty? Or lead a powerful army to conquer enemies?! Join to find what destiny has in store!

My Characters and development

*note to le self, addth ur chars as you go, and update n stuff....

Enter at your own risk: Seven deadly sins philosophy

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Warriors Of Nature
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