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 Badfics and MST;s

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PostSubject: Badfics and MST;s   Fri Apr 25, 2014 4:11 pm

Dunno whether to put this into this section or Insanity, but here it goes. 

Imma start making MST's of badfics. For those not in the know, a MST is when you have several characters 'review' a piece of work. For bad fics, the format is generally 'line from the bad fic, with the characters response bolded in the next line'. Kinda like this:

“But u will fale since u cant beet the powar of comunism and gayness and LORD STAN!!!” Hurler sade “NOTZEES ATACK!!!”

Inker: Stan?

Beetle: Stan Lee, you foul and odiferous fiend! Thou knowest not what you do by raising a invisible army!

And so forth. However, to make MSTs, I will need badfics. So, if you find something PARTICULARLY bad, send it my way. Word of advice, if its too long, I may only do the first few chapters of it.
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Badfics and MST;s
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